1. scutellaria

    cassie - long time listener first time caller

    hi yall im cassie. dont know why it took me so long to decide to make an account but here i am. been travelling on and off for almost 10 years now (thats nuts to think about) since i was 19 and been houseless or squatting muh of the time not travelling. have mostly travelled by myself and seein...
  2. rando

    My First Hop (Where my Real Travels Began) Part One

    After attempting to walk to the furthest east edge of Bakersfield from downtown, about a ten mile walk, I awoke the next morning in an undeveloped lot. The previous night was cold but I was certainly warm between my fluffy dog and heavy, zero degree sleeping bag. The morning sun woke me, an...
  3. izmonk

    Video Subway Slicker: Some NYC Tunnel Frogging

    That moment when you recognize someone on the train... First realpost on StP! Fooling around in the NYC tunnels is my pasttime, painting them too. For any transit heads, heres a clue: this was a BMT Line, where an area for a third trackway was built. Happy hunting :).
  4. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs The hobo inspiring a new generation of restless spirits

    After leaving his small town as a teen, 'Huck' hit the road to hitchhike, hop trains and live by his own rules. Now he’s helping other vagabonds navigate a society they see no future in. You don’t choose your name as a hobo. You earn it. Steven Boutwell gained his while working with another...
  5. threskiornis

    Train riding in New Zealand

    Hey I just arrived in new zealand and was wondering if anyone has any info on freight movements/yards/tt/rideables/etc I'm currently in auckland and have checked out the westfield yard but havent seen much of anything promising.
  6. Lynn Rogan

    New to this community & looking for someone to travel with

    Hey there, I recently got back from riding freight starting in NY and working my way through the New England area. I fell in love with Vermont & will be traveling back between July 10-15th and the people I'm traveling with are coming back in August but I want to keep traveling and eventually...
  7. A

    Video Somewhere over...

    Just a little Train video to remind us that we are all special! Thank you STP for all the knowledge and support you've given me on my failed adventurers!
  8. Tude

    Photos Video Abandoned locomotives - Maine

    Cool - I snagged this from another site. There is a video at the end of the article as well. :) There’s A Locomotive Boneyard Deep In The Forest Of Maine That’s Both Eerie And Tragic Deep in the northern woods of Maine, a...
  9. Carolineratdog

    Hello! New user from SC

    Im from south carolina and this is my first time using STP. A little about my self: I love old things and history. My favorite music is old time folk, i also like punk metal and experimental music . I enjoy 60s to 80s movies the most but im also highly interested in old silent movies. Ive been...
  10. RSTY802510

    Bums with instagram haha

    Anyone got an IG account. Unfortunately I happen to have one. If anyone wants to see what kinda lame shit i take pictures of post your IG name or Find me ont there at ramblinrusty(its lame I know) It's a little bit of entertainment to flip through my stream and see what people are up to.

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