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Featured Anarchy newbie, recommended reads?
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Hello all, I've become interested in the anarchy movement from my time here on StP and would like to read up on it. Could someone recommend a low-bias book on the basics? I'm left wing, university level comprehnsion, and prefer Toronto Star and CBC if that helps. Thanks!
Photos Featured Trainhopping The Alaska Railroad
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Here are some pictures from my time riding the Alaska Railroad between the 13th and 24th of August, 2017. All photos were shot on my iPhone 5s and Fujifilm FinePix S1800. This was probably the most overstaffed and over patrolled railroad I've ever ridden. However, while the patrols certainly were annoying, the biggest problem was the lack of suitable rides.
Featured Photos Senegal by the Seat of your Pants
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My trip to Senegal turned out to be a bit of a farce, but it could be of interest to anyone else planning an ultra-budget trip to West Africa. The first rule of traveling in Africa happens to be the same as the first rule of hitchhiking: Don’t be in a hurry. If you try to hitchhike somewhere and you’re in a hurry, you ain’t gonna get there in time. The hitchhiking gods will always make sure of that.
Featured Photos Hitching Belize, Guatemala, Cancun
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The first day me and my bff arrived to Belize, we hitched all the way to the border of Guatemala. We got picked up by an awesome fam with mad kids in the car, they were so excited to show us everything, they drove us around, housed us up and let us borrow their truck if we wanted to drive anywhere. Many people hitch hike in Belize, older folks, kids, to and from work.
Video Featured In the Rust Valley of Railroad Australis
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"Australia is easy hitching, mate!" I promise Fox, my budding road dog. "It'll take fifteen minutes to get outta here, then we'll be setting camp by the train yard before sundown." Two outstretched thumbs drip alcohol-rich sweat onto the shoulder of the highway leaving our hometown of Adelaide. My companion is an old graffiti mate from our days slinging paint across beige city walls. Fox is thick-skinned and adventurous, armed with a cosmic laugh and a thoughtful tongue. There's no doubt he's equipped for the rough journey ahead. We're six-feet below the city streets spray painting in ankle-deep storm water when we come up with the plan: ride the steel train across Australia on New Year’s Day.
Photos Featured That time i hitchhiked to Belgium and almost died :P
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Ladies, gentlemen and people who are neither or both, the end of the year is near so i thought it could be a good opportunity to reflect on the past year and tell you a little (very long) story. On the first of july 2017, my friend Kim texted me: "Hey, wanna go to Belgium? I have friends that are going with their van and they can give us a ride. Plus, my friend Eliot has a squat in Brussels so we'll have a place to crash for as long as we want."

Featured From Zero to Sailor: A Quick Guide

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5 years ago, everything I had fit in a pack. I decided I was tired of hopping trains and hitching, and wanted to become a sailor. Practically everybody told me it was impossible (except, ironically enough, actual sailors). I had never set foot on a sailboat in my life. I had no money, and boats are expensive. A year later, I was sailing my own boat. This is a quick guide for people that want to get into boats, but have nothing. It pretty much comes down to three steps.

Featured How to Dress for Warmth in Extreme Cold

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There are two traditional modes of thought when it comes to staying warm. There are divided into the synthetic camp and the natural fibers camp. But I have pieced together a system (I had advice from others) that combines both and uses them to their strengths. I will also go over some of the things you can do if you are cast out into the cold unprepared.
Featured Photos Hedge-U-Cation Camp 2017, Devon, England
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Thought I'd share with you some photos from Hedge-U-Cation 2017 - this is a cool little event in SW England, mainly based around teaching kids and teenagers skills that relate to the travelling lifestyle... It lasts for around 10 days with a big party on the second weekend featuring underground bands and DJs... as I am a vehicle enthusiast the photos are mainly in that realm although you may find the odd person getting in the way!
Featured Photos One Month Across 20 States
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I pulled my pack out of the back and slammed the door shut. The white Nissan slowly wheeled away around the bend and out of sight, and I was now officially alone. I promptly made my way through a hole in the fence, through the trees and out into the clear to reveal the glorious three track mainline on the outskirts of Inman Yard in Atlanta. The beginning of an incredible journey. I looked up and down the tracks, listening for even the slightest rumble of a train from either direction. I heard nothing, but nonetheless decided to make my way to the hopout. I sat in the humid summer heat for only a few hours before an autorack headed for Detroit pulled up right next to me. I was really itching to ride something, but I didn't want to mess with breaking into an autorack car. The only rideable option then was the head engine, and in the mid afternoon sunlight I scurried up that S.O.B and yanked on the handle. It was open. My heart skipped a beat as I darted inside and closed the door as...
Featured Photos My (very short) first train ride!
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So i thought i'd post about my travels in the past year from russia to hitch hiking central america and south america, but im going to start with some photos of my first train ride (philly to baltimore) which i went on before i left the country. I'd been traveling/working with the circus for the last 6 years but decided it was time to get the fuck out, move on, and REALLY start travelling. I went to Russia for about a month (which i will write about and post pictures of seperately), came back to NYC and decided to hop a train with my bff, neither one of us ever having done it before, so heres some photos :)
Featured Photos From one squat to another through the countryside
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I've lived in squats for the past two years. It's a way of living thats always been dear to my heart and has brought me a lot of friendships and experiences. I lived in one particular squat for almost a year, so last march I decided it was time to move. By foot. It took me a week. A lot of things happened along the way. I camped in the fields in the middle of nowhere, so I spent a lot of time soaking in the sun (as pictured here), writing about my days, and taking polaroids to send to my friends as postcards.

Featured The Ultimate Wifi Stealing Setup

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With my departure date from Nowhere, Appalachia rapidly approaching, I decided it would be a good idea to make sure I can always have internet access in my RV. I will cover the system setup from start to finish. I'm assuming that you have basic technical competence here, including basic Linux competence.

Solar panels: where to buy?

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So I'm in the market for a cheap 100W solar panel to put aboard my van. I've been looking at the Renogy kits, which are around $160 for 100W mono. Then i found this cheap 100W semi-bendable panel with a 10a charge controller for $120. It comes from China, so i'm guessing it sucks. also, i'm not sure how useful a 10a charge controller would be (the renogy kit has a 30a). ALSOOO it says 18v. wtf. But. i would really like a bendable panel due to the low profile making it more aerodynamic (and stealthy, i guess. but i don't understand everyone's obsession with stealth). Anyone who has experience with solar power have any suggestions?
Featured The StP guide to Bike Touring
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Bike punk is just the clever name we’ve given to bike culture as it relates to the punk rock community. Bike punk usually results in ‘mutant bikes’ put together by anarchistic welders, games like ‘bike jousting’ that leave the contestants bruised and battered, and regular old bike touring but with a much more DIY, cheap-or-no-cost flare that yuppies with their $4,000 bikes couldn’t hold a candle to. For this guide we’ll be focusing on the travel aspect of bike punk culture, and that means bike touring. This form of travel involves using your bike to go long distances between cities. You carry your gear in ‘panniers’ or a bike trailer behind the bike and stealth camp where you can to avoid paying for expensive campsites and hotels.
Featured Photos Here's my Battlepack!
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Hey so i wore this pack until it fell apart and the zipper completely broke. When a friend hoooked me up with a new pack, and brother gave me a medical reserve pack, i saw an opportunity to keep mah beloved squirrel pack and went to work... small though it is, this pack carries everything I need for daily life. all straps, pouches, and clips allow me to attach extra tools, tarps, and bags.
Photos Featured My Wwoofing Experience Thus Far
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Well it has been a long time coming, but it's time that I finally write out my experiences with wwoofing. Wwoofing is loaded program, filled with wingnuts and kickass people alike. I would recommend it as probably one of the best hostel programs in the states, but I would also recommend doing it with a friend so you don't get trapped in a bogus situation by yourself. I've done it alone (excluding my brief first farm), but if I had to choose I'd rather do it with a friend. I'm in no way an expert on wwoof but think I've learned a bit on how to spot decent farms and I think that's worth sharing.

Featured Melbourne Squatting Guide 2010

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Squatting is the act of making use of disused and abandoned property. It allows people who cannot otherwise afford to rent or purchase a house or building to put an empty one to productive use. Because it is wasteful and obscene for thousands of properties to lie empty when there are people homeless or struggling to pay rent. Because Office of Housing waiting lists are too long. Because you are sick of dealing with nosy landlords who always hassle you when you are late with rent, but have no problem taking weeks or months or years to do simple repairs. Because no one should get rich by forcing others to pay for the simple necessity of shelter. Because you want some control over your living and working space. Because housing is a basic human right and sometimes you have to take action to assert your rights.
Featured Photos 5 months in the land down under
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In July 2016, I set off to Melbourne, Australia to study at one of the uni's there for a semester. And man, lemme tell you, it's been one heck of a ride. I was a little bit bummed out that I'd be stationary in Melbourne studying for most of my time there, but I had a pretty small course load and planned to see the east coast once the semester finished. The first thing I did was get my hands on a bike. A bike is the best form of transportation (in a bike-friendly city). And Melbourne is a bike-friendly city (for reference, when biking in Miami, I have a near-death experience nearly every time I ride, where in Melbourne I only felt I was going to die on a bicycle maybe 2 or 3 times in 5 months).
Photos Featured Short Bus Conversion Experience
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After weighing the pros and cons of a short bus, a van, or an RV my girlfriend and I decided to go with a bus. We checked CL and autotrader for something that would work for us. At the time we were in Indy, though, and were fortunate that a school bus dealer called Midwest Transit was located nearby. These guys only deal in busses and a lot of schools will sell their old busses to them as used inventory. They have locations throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. More fortunate still they had listings in our price range. You can find listings on their website and narrow them down with the filters if you are looking for a vehicle. We ended up getting a 2005 Ford E350 short bus with a 6.0 diesel engine for $2500. It has a Thomas body. The odometer reads 160K miles. It had one owner, a school district, who had maintained it. The only problem we've had is that I had to replace the starter after 6 months. It was $65 for a new starter on Ebay and seems to be working fine.