1. Shooterjames

    Hey folks

    Hello everyone names James I've been a long time lurker on STP and even had another profile but for the life of me can't remember my email I used I believe i only posted a few times so no loss ....So I'm back and ready to read the boards and hope to get back into the urban exploration and train...
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    Still got nut’n to say.
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    Got nut’n to say.
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    An always empty laundry building at night
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    (Over exposed role)
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    Port Royal Bay - South Carolina (Pentax k1000 35mm)
  8. 6E54B2EB-D9FC-4ABC-AE83-6DE27D95F29C.jpeg


    Beaufort - South Carolina (Pentax k1000 35mm)
  9. 89AF307D-18A5-43E7-846A-65EE9E42D49B.jpeg


    Port Royal Bay - South Carolina (Pentax k1000 35mm)
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  11. PaperTea

    Appalachian traveling western America - Hello!

    I am new here and still kind of new to traveling on my own. I was born in Tennessee and spent most of my life there. I am traveling with a wheeled luggage bag for my laptop, my cameras, etc. And a shoulder bag with a few shirts and a coat. I've couchsurfed, stayed in hostels and airbnb, slept...
  12. Sunrise in the Northwest Territories of Canada

    Sunrise in the Northwest Territories of Canada

    I took this photo whilst living in a log cabin 70km from civilisation for a month!
  13. skmohr123

    Looking to interview Hitchhikers for a Magazine in NYC

    Hi! I am working on a photo essay on The Art of Hitchhiking around the United States. As a gallery featured photographer and writer, my angle and intent is to be able to share a space of curated stories that makes freedom seem tangible. Young and old, female, male, non-binary, etc... this...
  14. Matt Derrick

    Raw portraits of the transient kids who travel america’s trainsNews & Blogs Photos 

    so some of these pictures folks on here might have seen before, but there's some new ones, so i figured it was still worth sharing. raw portraits of the transient kids who...