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Dec 9, 2016
100 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA
The way to kill lice is to soak your hair in cooking oil- olive, vegetable, canola, but I hear citronella, tea tree will work better. Work the oil scalp to tip and all lice dead in 45 minutes. If you leave the oil in the eggs will hatch into the oil- dying instantly. Helps to have a shower cap. Don't support a hg farben /Monsanto style corporation. And those chemicals are awful.
I have dreadlocks to my ass, and vegetable oil works everytime.
Apparently dr. Bronners works also because it's made from oil.
I learned this searching the Internet for natural cures for lice. This method works for nearly anything...
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Gypsy Rose

Apr 14, 2017
Palm Springs, FL 33461, USA
Ok so I have dreads and my kiddo brought home headline, yep I got them too! I freaked and ran to the WiFi spot and spent days researching how to get rid of them in dreads since combing was the only way I knew to get rid of those gaslty eggs that hatch and hatch again.

The great news I discovered is that I wouldn't have to cut my hair. All I had to do and for about $2 was buy a bottle of rubbing Alcohol! Yep that's it. Spray/soAK my hair in the alcohol and wrap up in a tight plastic bag, which was free with the purchase. Wrapped a scarf around the plastic for 12 hours and rinse, repeathe in about two weeks and every two weeks until gone. That's It! My hair didn't break or dry out either.

I found this works with ticks, fleas and anything else that creeps it's way onto US that soap and water won't touch.

Good luck


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This was an excellent read! I had a battle with the bugs recently and I wasn't even trying to play around at all. I was out in the desert and had no money or insurance or anything, so I just shaved it all off

Hated to see all that hair go but it's better than not being able to sleep and being super irritated all the time


Jul 18, 2017
3199 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230, USA
ive had lice once before i had a dread hawk and there was no way to get all the eggs out of my dreads so i shaved my head i have been told that olive oil and baby oil will drown them coat your head in it really well put a plastic bag on it and let it sit for an hour or two then wash it as best as you can but you still gotta go through with the nit combs


Jul 18, 2017
Colorado Springs
HahahahaYes! this is a great story. I cant help but sing that choking victim song now
If there was a God,
Im sure he would be hated.
For making bugs, in this hell he has created.
Get on a coat, put on a hat,
I am infested
It happens just like that.

Im sure I hate 'em
There ain't no maybes,
Bodylice, and crabs,
Headlice, and scabies.
You take your pick,
they make me sick,
While I scratch until I bleed
Soon they'll be scabs for me to pick.

It drives me mad,
As I scratch my body raw.
Sometimes it feels like sex
When Im scratching with my paws..

Sometimes it feels better
When it gets wetter
Lubed up with puss and blood
But later, Im upsetter.

Cause of pain,
The rash becomes inflamed,
I simply lost control..
The scabies can't be blamed..

Oh yes, they can!
I'll go complain,
To the Drop-in Centre clinic,
'Hook me up with some Lindane!'

Oh yes, Lindane
The stuff for the occasion,
This lotion gives you cancer
With too many applications. [x3]

But I must use it.
I'll be the tested.
This time, it's gone too far.
My body is infested!

I am infested!
I am infested!
This time it's gone too far,
My body is infested!

I am infested!
I'll be the tested!
This time it's gone too far,
My body is infested!

One bug, two bug, three bug, four.
These bugs just FUCK AND EAT
Soon there'll be hundreds more
(To) Infest my head,
Infest my bed,
These bugs won't stop infesting
'Til I kill 'em all, dead!

Then, there's the eggs
They'll fucking hatch!
If I dont delouse again,
In seven days, they'll hatch!

And at this time,
I will truely go insane
My nervous system shot
By the use of the Lindane

It is this lotion,
On my generation tested,
This time it's gone too far
My body is INFESTED!

I am infested!
I am infested!
This time it's gone too far,
My body is infested!

I am infested!
I am infested!
This time it's gone too far,
My body is infested!

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