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slab city

  1. AMD

    Moving to slab city

    Completely under prepared at the moment will be arriving mid July to become a permanent resident. I know I know this kid doesn't know what he's getting into. Your right I don't lol. All I know is I need something simpler an this seems nice! Getting a few more paychecks before I go looking for...
  2. P

    Is anyone at slab city or Arizona?

    Hi. Is there anyone in the area that I can talk to and maybe guide me on my visit to these areas? I'd like to make some friends please. I like board games , YouTube, cooking, card games, a few video games. I do not smoke anything or drink beers.
  3. Batsy

    Looking for camps in Slab City to join

    Hey everyone! I hit the road in my van a few days ago, and living on the road has been great so far! I’m gonna go to the slabs some time in November, December, or January, and I plan on spending the winter there. I’m looking for camp to join while I’m there. I’ve been to the slabs once...
  4. Diggerff12

    Are the slabs still the same?

    It's been a while since I been on here. The last time I was here I was running under freedude2011. I found a good life for awhile but it's all ended abruptly a week ago. So now here I am with questions. My biggest one is are the slabs the same or have they changed. Thought I found a place in...
  5. Batsy

    When does it reach high temperatures in Slab City

    Hey there! I’m hoping to hit the road again in April or May. I really want to visit the slabs again (I went for 4 days a few years ago), but I’m not sure if there will be enough time before it gets too hot again. I’ve heard of people leaving in April, so I’m wondering, when do the snowbirds...
  6. LoisLane23

    Alright, so the Slabs?

    This may sound a little ridiculous since I've been traveling off and on my whole life, but seriously I need advice. And with as little sarcasm as possible please. I have a small RV and need to winter somewhere after January 1. (Currently housesitting in Taos NM). My road dog doubles as my...
  7. D

    New bus from Colton to Slab City for $6.25

    For anyone that's riding freight to Colton or San Bernardino and trying to get as close as possible to Slab City, for as cheap as possible, with the least possible amount of hitching, here ya go: Starting in May, there's a bus you can catch from either the DT San Bernardino bus station or the...
  8. Batsy

    Looking for some old friends from Slab City

    Hey, there! Last winter, my brother, James, and I visited the Slabs for a few days. I was going by the name Erik at the time. We arrived at night and were taken in by a group of hippies who let us stay with them at their camp, which they called The Medicine Post, since they did spiritual...
  9. Coywolf

    Photos Slab City New Years 2020

    Hey all, ended up hitting the slabs for a few days around New Years. Ended up camping on the other side of the canal halfway between siphon 7 & 8. Got stuck in the Tamarisk in the soft wet sand after the torrential downpours they had this season, nothing a shovel and some mesquite beaches...
  10. jordanozeta

    Jordan here, OH —> CA

    Hey there, just started traveling recently. I was in Slab City about a month ago and made it back to Ohio to spend Christmas with family. Things have taken a bad turn, so I’m looking at heading back to slabs. If anyone is passing through Ohio headed west I’d love to chat! I’m up to chat...
  11. texastraveler

    locking bikes up in the slabs?

    anyone know if there's a good place/method of locking a bike up in the slabs? usually i lock the seatpost down, put the front tire next to the rear and lock thru the tires and frame. are there any signs/trees/whatever i can put a U-lock to out there? also i was curious if anyone's had an issue...
  12. Pdog

    Yesterdays travels Los Angeles to Slab City

    Most people hate mondays. However yesterday I took the opportunity to check out Slab City Library and the Salton Sea. I gotta say the drive was worth it! I just wish i had more time off work. Anyways, back to work!
  13. babywavy

    No plans lead to Slab City

    left Santa Cruz with no destination in mind, just "South". It had been a cold, wet two weeks in Portland prior, and Cruz hadn't been much hotter; I was ready for socal heat. I had gotten a screaming deal on this baby blue 67 Econoline, the first generation. It's named Cast Iron, after itself...
  14. SeymourSparechange

    Slab City???

    Looks like a wonderland of everything I've ever dreamed of, a paradise. I was wondering exactly how to get there, i.e., what part of california should I take a greyhound to that'd be the closest to slab city?; once there, how do I actually get to slab city?; can anyone just show up and live...
  15. Matt Derrick

    Who wants to play Dungeons and Dragons in Slab City this winter?

    This isn't directly related to the Jamboree, but I figured this might be worth posting here since I am planning on being in Slab City several weeks before the Jambo, and I know a few others might be doing the same. Anyways, I'm hoping to set up a D&D game for the slabs this winter. I should be...
  16. Matt Derrick

    Official 2019 StP Jamboree Information!

    Due to an unfortunate falling out between myself and @Cornelius Vango, the 2019 Jamboree will not be taking place in Slab City this year, but instead we will be having a meet up in New Orleans, Louisiana on the same dates. The information below will be updated over the next few days as logistics...
  17. Potatos

    We've set up shop in slab City

    We've taken over and now running a smoke shop an tattoo parlor serving snow cones cold drinks hot vegan food. And a good old squatting time
  18. Django

    101 Slab city for a night or two?

    So as part of my North-South America bike tour, I'm gonna hit the slabs. Mostly excited about salvation mountain, but I'd like to stay a night or two there. I have a tent, so that's taken care of, But I thought it'd be nice if I'd have a connection, someone to say "heyyy" to, Instead of just...
  19. tobepxt

    slab city of the east if it was even were a thing.

    in your opinion, where in all the eastern united states would something like what we see in the slabs be even remotely possible , and why? im curious what others think. what states, massive areas are out there where? i kinda assume not, but if i didnt know about slab city i wouldnt think a place...
  20. salxtina

    'spider tom' at slab city

    Maybe this is an unnecessary post and feel free to delete or move if so. It was really cool to finally get to visit the Slabs and the only person who gave me any problems was this older fairly-cleancut guy calling himself Spider Tom, who first approached me when I was sitting down to smoke a...