1. Kenada

    Some sketches of the pups chillin in the yard

  2. ChiChi

    First Time Traveler W Dog

    Unfortunately after a year and 4 different cities in OK (3 that I've already lived in as a child), I've ended back in my old town in my old room and learned staying in one place is not for me. A really good friend of mine pointed me here after he bussed and hitchhiked himself around the country...
  3. D


    Anyone ever had a BOB yak or a BOB Ibex before? I'm going to be bike touring with my bae and my 10-lbs ball of fluff that someone decided is a dog. I've found a couple used ones on Craigslist for a decent price. I really want the Ibex instead of the Yak because, at 10-lbs, he's very easy to...
  4. Roxannefartz

    Pet gear suggestions (show me what you've got!!)

    Just seeing what everyone else has had success using. For me I've been using ruffear palisades dog packs for mine. If you can get any ruff wear gear for your dogs I highly suggest it. Anything you get from them basically has a lifetime warranty and they will send you brand new stuff. I have...
  5. Linda Hansen


    Hi, everyone. My name is Linda, just recently turned 52. Living in my van with 2 dogs, whom I dearly love. Tired of boiling to death when my older dog decides to climb in the driver seat BEHIND me! He's still pretty much a puppy, just turned a year old in May. I am trying to find out the best...
  6. marmar

    Dogs in vans problems?

    Do you get people call cops on you when you leave your dog in your van? I live in camper van, all winter and still in the city, so it's got air and fan in the summer and open windows all over of course. I mean, I'm not stupid and would never leave my dog in dangerous conditions inside the van...
  7. BobbinGoblin

    Ever Travel With Kids?

    By kids, I mean children. We have a 2.5year old and a 4.5month old... have been settled for a while and have acquired many other beings to take care of including goats, chickens, dogs, and a cat. We love our homestead, projects, and being mostly self-reliant, but feel trapped. The most...
  8. stormy412

    anyone have experience/opinions with passing a service dog?

    What a strange continent we live on where our best friends are made to sit outside of the establishments we use (or not even!) , or are restricted from buses or even certain outdoor areas. Dogs would be so much better behaved if we didn't leave them locked up daily to wallow in their pent up...
  9. rhummer92

    International borders with dogs

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about hitchhiking/ ride sharing ect from the US through Mexico to South America. Bringing my dog along, he's a 5 year old lab mix, been by my side since 4weeks old. I'm currious what anyone knows about crossing the borders in Central America with dogs as well as crossing...