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  1. Hoboschmely

    Hey its Schemly

    Hey im schmely, the kid with the dog named cheesebutger,(maybe weve met maybe we havent) even though ive been off the road since 2015 i just wanted to say hi and promote my recent recordings "the withdrawal sessions" take a listen if u want, i suck but fuck it.
  2. LaShea

    A Young Traveler Just Got Jacked for his Dog, Truck, and Gear!

    Be on the lookout for this thief and convicted rapist Stone Harley Collins, DOB 01-22-2000, 6'3, 130lbs, blonde hair, hazel eyes. Also goes by Collins Stone Harley, AKA Harley Collins, AKA Stone Collins, AKA Lostman Caveman on facebook. He posted in Road Dawg Ride Share FB group. A kindhearted...
  3. DavidLister

    Looking for Road Dog - East TN

    Hey y'all looking for a road dog to bum around this winter/spring/summer. Getting the itch and its not even feb. Looking for a travel partner trying to get south or west. Or anywhere really. Have plenty of experience bikepacking and hitching, but looking to move a little more low key this...
  4. Darkwolf

    In NH looking for a road dog or two to travel with, probably to Nola than west

    Looking for a friend or a few to hop freight with. Looking for someone who doesn’t really care where we are going. I’m just trying to go to Nola for a while and than depending how that goes we could head to Cali. But just trying to hop in and out of Nola. It’s not my first time so I’m just...
  5. D

    Nj road dog

    Anyone looking for a road dog. In new Jersey 26 one pack one pup. Cant drive no license I need to get away from here. Asap. Have alttle to pay my way.
  6. Aeroe

    Hitching with a dog?

    Looking for tips on hitching a ride with a dog. I understand that it is considerably harder. I'm gonna assume most if any rides would most likely be in the bed of a truck. Has anyone here had luck doing so?
  7. 6foot6HOBO

    Anyone coming through indiana looking for a road dog?

    Anyone coming through Indiana lookin for a road dog with a guitar and an alright voice? I wanna get out of here.
  8. ednygma18626

    Looking for road dog/ possible crash place in california

    I'm looking for someone in Michigan who wants to head out west to California. I dont have a specific place in mind I figured we could figure it out on the way. Its getting cold here and I'm not with the cold. I have a car looking for someone who wants to split gas price and needs to get out of...
  9. xradicalx

    Road dogs between Seattle and SoCal?

    Hey friends, I'm hitting the road soon, leaving Seattle early November. Just working on an engine replacement first! Planning on making the trip last a few weeks, stopping in Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco. Anyone happen to be heading south for the winter like me? I'd love a road dog to...
  10. SleepyNull

    Dude 23 in TX looking for road dog

    I'm a rubber tramp but been too broke lately to keep my car legal so this is my first time on foot and I would prefer not to start alone. Don't really care where we go I'm in-between jobs and have no plans.
  11. Lobostonto

    Photos Janky $10CAD bug net

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  12. elevenate

    Troubador ready to find a road dog!

    Hey there! Im a musical being that can make money pretty easily on the streets as well as having about 1k passive income a month, so let me know all of you van/rv owners that have an extra bed and want endless gas or maintenance money- I gotchu! I also want to go to South America and I am on...
  13. dumpsternavel

    Nonabusive Tactics for Breaking up Dog Fights

    Alright folx. I'm here to give y'all some advice in regards to breaking up dog fights. This is something I never had to do, until I started travelling. Since 2016, i've broken up a slew of dog fights. Mainly due to my personal dog, who suffered from dog agression due to trauma, and lack of...
  14. MrFeels

    Homeless skunk spray remedy for dogs

    Dog got skunked. Then ran right into my sleeping bag. It was hell. Puppers got the skunk smell all over everything. I really stank, made it hard to even go into a store. Was great for flying signs tho. But anyways yeah I vinegared the dog then dusted doggo with baking soda, then rinsed. After a...
  15. dumpsternavel

    RECALL! Sportsmix dog n' cat food

    Be aware that a recall was issued for SportsMix dog and cat food on Dec. 30th, 2020 There have been fatal amounts of aflatoxin (a mold found on grains, and corn) 28 dogs have been reported dead. 2 in critical condition. The number is bound to rise. Be safe out there. P.s. it's really a good...
  16. ali

    bulls, dogs, flashlights, floodlights and getting spotted

    I currently live in a crew change location, and i've spent a fair bit of time just hanging out near the rail yards watching the trains and playing harmonica (it's a nice quiet spot to sit, not many people). I've stumbled upon the hopout locations more or less by accident, and the other day met a...
  17. CouchPunx

    Y’all teach yr dogs to walk on one side?

    Since you guys were so helpful last time I got another question: i let my pup walk on either side of me cuz he needs to be able to do both, like for example if I’m along the hwy I want him to be away from traffic so if some redneck drunkdrives into the shoulder he’ll only kill me and not my...
  18. dumpsternavel

    Protecting a train riding dogs hearing

    Here's a question for those that have hopped trains with a dog long-term. I know that many railroad workers are prone to hearing loss.. and I know for a fact, that I definitely have grown to like riding freight with ear plugs in. So, why wouldn't I try the same for my pooch? Out of all of the...
  19. Strangeandsolo

    Lake powell and Zion . My trip this week

    Hey folk and fiends! I'm heading out to lake Powell and Zion national park, with the fam. Looking for tips and ideas. From Tucson to page. What's good ? I'll have a person who is disabled. ( she's tough as any other person of measure to be clear) and a 3 year old also my loyal pooch. He's well...
  20. cherryb0mb

    how the fuck do i find work with a dog

    and two rats? i’m trying to save a lot of money. enough for a little plot of land to start a vegetable farm/dog rescue commune. i need income that isn’t dumpstered kripsy kreme or crumpled dollar bills. i need a job. but i have my dog and my rats. idk what to do. appreciate y’all