1. ali

    Travelogue Biking around in Colombia

    Hey all, you might remember me from my first bike tour in Canada or the US leg... After cycling south-east across Turtle Island, i bought a cheap plane ticket on a whim and flew from Miami to Panama City. I didn't really have much plans other than to learn Spanish and perhaps join a crew on a...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Photos Earl Grey, my 2010 Ford Transit Connect Van Conversion

    Hey everyone, while I haven't had time to make a video about the van build I've been working on for the past few months, I figured I could at least write about it here and share a few photos as I finish it over the next few months. I chose the 2010 Ford Transit connect on a bit of a whim; I...
  3. Svintah5635

    Photos Eindhoven to Copenhagen

    Last summer I spend 8 days, 26 July through 2 august, cycling to Copenhagen from the city near my home town, Eindhoven. It took me 30 hours and 18 minutes total and 852,12km (529.48mi) Along the way I made friends in Cloppenburg, Germany, who later visited again by a six hour train ride. This...
  4. Sickbird

    Photos My favorite piece of gear

    Thought I’d share a favorite piece of my gear. So part of my cook kit is a used titanium mug $5 and a $10 hardware store immersion water heater... The ability to boil water in a mug ( 10oz?) With a plug in heater is incredible. I use this all the time to save fuel and comes in handy when...
  5. Nellybare

    Photos Howdi, I'm Nelly. Looking forward to meeting y'all

    Hey, y'all I'm Nelly. I'm from baltimore north east side born and raised. I love the third world in the first world lifestyle my city offers and it's made me grow quite the fancy for a mobile and free lifestyle. I'm super curious about hopping trains, cooking and playing music at the forefront...
  6. MorganaMaurice

    Searching for photos of deceased friend

    Sean Israel Allday, 31 from Conroe TX AKA FRY AKA ALLDAY (Not missing, found deceased in Aptos CA). Spent the last few years in Santa Cruz where he is known as Fry. We are searching for anyone who knew Sean to share photos and stories. We are trying to make his daughter a scrapbook for...
  7. MorganaMaurice

    Searching for photos of deceased friend

  8. Colinleath

    Photos Montecorice, Italy to Dubai, UAE

    [this is a work in progress and may take a few days to finish. I'm publishing now because STP currently has no long-term stable draft mode and I don't want to lose more work. So there should be more to read here eventually.] Index of previous posts on this trip. Montecorice is the extra...
  9. Matt Derrick

    Photos Infographic: How NOT to behave in 15 countries

    I thought a lot of the things on this list were pretty interesting and worth sharing here for anyone interested in traveling in countries outside the USA.
  10. Colinleath

    Photos San Remo to near Montecorice, Italy

    Greetings from near Montecorice, Italy (south of Salerno and Paestum). Here is my current situation: I'm fairly close to some houses so I'm hoping i won't end up needing to move tonight. (I'm close to the coastal road as well, so I'm wearing my Sony WH-1000XM4's to reduce the noise. It's not a...
  11. Cornellius Mcgillicuddy

    Photos Heading cross country in the old postal van

    I bought this 1999 GMC Utilimaster van at auction because the odometer said it only had 43K miles on a V8 diesel engine. On the initial drive, somewhere between Barstow and Reno the odometer stopped working.......I've had no engine trouble, but on occasion it'll blast out some white exhaust. I...
  12. MichelleA66

    Photos Missing:James Jones last known in Chicago

    Was hanging out under an overpass in Chinatown Chicago. Shops at Walgreens 316 W. CERMAK. Not heard from since Oct 8th. Was supposed to hop a rail to Oregon. Possible sighting at McDonald's on Cermak & Western. Finger tats read DON'T SLIP.
  13. Colinleath

    Photos Frejus, France to San Remo, Italy

    Crossed into Italy today and right off I liked it better. But backing up a bit helps explain why. In general more people drive and drive faster in France than in Spain (and maybe Italy) in my opinion. And people are especially packed in along the coast in France between Nice and the Italian...
  14. Colinleath

    Photos Méjean to near Frejus; A week in Marseille

    My mom was wondering what happened to me so I may as well write what's up! (First, for those arriving late, I made an index on Google docs to link to all the preceding posts/threads on this particular trip: I did this because links that I can view that show all the threads i...
  15. Schnitzel

    Photos Over 700km (435 miles) through Germany on a fixed gear bike

    This is a little story I got about my first bike trip I did back in July. It took me 4 days and 1 night and I went from Düsseldorf to Munich, around 720km (447 miles for you Americans :). I'm not that great at planing trips so I just packed my bike and went for it. I followed the Rhine river...
  16. V

    Photos Featured in Adventure Cycling’s Dynamo Jenny Newsletter

    I‘m the featured cyclist in the Dynamo Jenny podcast newsletter put out by Adventure Cycling. Which feels kinda cool to be recognized by an offshoot of the biggest bike touring organization in Amerika after these few years of adventure.
  17. Colinleath

    Photos NW of Avignon to SE of Martigues

    I seem to have settled into a peaceful existence here so I'm guessing I may not be writing much since I'm just living the life as they say. I find quiet spots in pine forests. Come out when I need food, water, exercise, electricity. And progress towards Sicily as I do so before finding the next...
  18. ali

    Featured First bike tour, US edition, heading south

    Even though theoretically i am still on my first bike tour, the fact i had about 5 days break and flew across the border makes this feel like a new chapter. In my previous thread (First tour, heading out of Kamloops) you will find my story of starting out with this form of travel and cycling...
  19. Colinleath

    Photos Sainte-Croix-Vallee-Française toward Avignon, data sim success

    It seems simpler and cleaner for me to make a new thread I think. Organizationally, I can just go to my profile and see the posts. It doesn't appear that this approach creates any extra noise for others either? It's odd that there seems to be no draft mode. So if i want to save part way...
  20. Colinleath

    Featured Traveling in Méjean

    It feels like I found paradise on day three of this trip. It also feels like the bike may have been a mistake. This is a coastline to walk. But, problem solved, someone gave me a ride (they didn't understand my 'no' and my curiosity and desire for company kept me from insisting). So I'm with...
  21. Colinleath

    Photos Marseille to Sicily along the coast.

    Not sure if this is the best way to describe an ongoing trip. But figure if there's a better place someone will point me there. I left Knoxville, TN Sunday morning, landed in Marignane, France Monday morning, walked out of the airport to the nearest Lidl. Bought food. Walked to the Decathlon...
  22. Lobostonto

    Photos Road doggie gets the front seat

  23. Lobostonto

    Photos Janky $10CAD bug net

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  24. Driveby

    Photos Cross country via Stuart the astro van

    First trip sense I got the van. South Florida to Oakland California. was my best friend. Tried to camp off grid in the woods/mountains every night, but if I was not looking for camp by like 6-7pm I'd usually say fug it get some drink an park it in front some apartments. No cops...
  25. D

    Photos I recently traded up to a bus!

    Recently traded up from a jalopy truck this panedemic year into a 90s dodge b350 gas school bus. From walking highways, thumbing it for years & living in & out of vans for years I picked up a Descent setup. Paid a grand for it off another traveler who also upgraded. The windows were the glass...
  26. ali

    Featured First tour, heading out of Kamloops

    After spending a year in Kamloops weathering the second and third COVID waves, i got my vaccinations and resolved to get back on the road again. I was really inspired by the posts of @BikePunky and @superphoenix getting started without much gear to give bike touring a shot. When i first got...
  27. kidbob

    Photos Did i just win, or did i just disguise my psychosis

    Its been a while... How yall doing? Imma do some quick summerizing here to fill in the last few years. To back fill, most know my cousin went missing 6 years ago do to criminal activity. No body, no weapon, no crime. Sad world we live in. Ive been a memeber of stp for what feels like an...
  28. V

    Bike Punky (Season 3 Thread)

    Howdy, y’all. Long time no post since I hit something like 10k miles in saddle during the last tour. I took time off in Tucson, the Slabs, and then started a job. I’m down to four shifts at work and a little over a week housed up. I’ve been building a new bike, hustling to sell off my old...
  29. Oreoman2002

    Question +10 Luck (lucky charms(not the cereal!))

    What lucky charm do y'all's have that you can't leave home without. I'll start. I've got a sonic screwdriver that I carry everywhere I go. It's been with me for years and I know it's just a prop (that also functions as a nifty IR remote). I never realized how much this thing I carry in my...
  30. slickjames

    Photos Greetings friends!

    Greetings from Vancouver, BC! I hope the New Year has reached you all well. I'm new to the community and looking to interact and pay some dues before I go around asking people for information. A small bit about myself: I'm from Sudbury Ontario, starting to get into train-hopping (already having...
  31. R

    Photos HEyo Howdy my name is Riki!

    Completely and entirely new here. I'm a nonbinary (they/he) human who makes weird paper mache heads that i like to put on and dance around- looking especially now to get out of dodge. I am quite the leftist who enjoys bread baking, community dinners with long long tables, reading out loud or...
  32. awkwardshelby

    Photos First Overnighter!

    Years ago I used to commute to work by bike in New Mexico. I had to sell my vintage Fuji in order to get some cash to live in my car and eventually move back to Texas. Since then, I've always been infatuated by bike touring, and just never committed my time to it until recently. Thankfully...
  33. D

    Photos Rail Fanning in Tucson

    I used to rail fan in Estevan Park and the Halfway House when that was going. Lately I've been crossing the bridge on e. 22nd over the yard between South Tucson and Barrio Centro more days than not, and doing some great rail fanning. Today I saw this:
  34. Tony G

    Photos Home

    Yakama wa veiw from my home
  35. Salonist7

    Photos how danger finds you

    anyone been thrown off train
  36. YellowBlazer

    Photos How the Juice is Made....

    Could never attain the Crown, without this...every time I stumble into town after 100+ miles in the rugged backcountry, I always grab a piece of home.
  37. NewMexicoJim

    Photos Found another place to explore. Florida Mountains near Deming, NM

    The Florida Mountains are rugged and remote. The Apache came here for the abundant plants they used as medicine and food. The name Florida in Spanish means 'abundant or covered in flowers." I was too late for spring flowers but I'll definitely be coming back here. This place is gorgeous.
  38. Hobo richard

    Photos I took a photo with shoestring last night

    Darkest hours of the night in a rail yard somewhere along the Columbia, Shoestring and I.
  39. NewMexicoJim

    Photos I'm starting to feel like I'm never going to leave this place. Gila National Forest.

    Every place in this state has at least 3 names and this road is no exeption. Called North Star Rd by some and Military Rd on some maps, Forest Road 150 bisects the immense Gila National Forest for over 50 miles heading north/south. Homeland of the Chiricahua Apache, the Gila is still wild and...
  40. Gypsybones

    Photos At long last I am transitioning

    ...into a rubber tramp! ::woot:: Done gots me this beaut just south of Gary. 87 with that sweet, sweet, legendary 22. R.E. All hail the yota!
  41. ThreadsInNeedles

    Photos Modifying the MSS gortex bivy for hammock camping

    I have a ton of ideas all the time of how to get around gear problems I encounter, or to just generally improve my current system that I dont see anywhere else on the internet. I intend to write guides for all of these in the near future. Problem is, writing these big long posts obviously...
  42. Matt Derrick

    Photos Brien Sherman, aka DoctorApocalypse/BoyofMetal on StP

    Hey everyone, unfortunately it is my sad duty to let you all know that Brien Sherman passed away last week. The circumstances of his death are currently unknown to me. Although he retired a little over a year ago, he was a moderator on StP for a few years, and I always enjoyed stopping to visit...
  43. BakuninDreaming

    Photos Dan Connor aka "Sparke" aka "Kenzo_Paisano"

    I haven't been on this site in years. I saw this wasn't on here, so I decided it needed to be. Not sure if any of you knew Dan Conner aka "Sparke" aka "Kenzo_Paisano". He died a couple of months ago. He was crossing Canada, and got stuck up there because of Covid. The cops said it was fyntenal...
  44. Mrcharwe

    Photos I just bought a new 24' boat in Olympia, WA

    I finally ended up grabbing a boat in Olympia. I learned in the process i know very little about sailing and less about what makes a boat good or bad. I looked at probably 20 boats from 22' -32'. I looked at Catalina's, rangers, columbias, San Juans, tanzers, and more. I almost got a free albin...
  45. Honey Crust

    Photos Interior of the Gaymobile!

    I figured that while she’s moderately clean I should post some pictures of the van setup I’m working with! What’s up STP, welcome to my crib. This is the kitchen. Super low tech right now and I wanna redo it when I get off the road again, but for now it’s what I got! Built this whole setup...
  46. D

    Photos here's a photo album of my little Volvo campercar build

    Hey y'all, So I thought I would show you guys my little Volvo 740 wagon. It's a 1989 with 410,000KM (261,000 miles.). Picked her up for just $950! It gets 10L/100 KM or about 23/24 MPG. Everything works fine, I just had to do some minor maintenance like brakes and battery. I unbolted the...
  47. Shwhiskey Gumimaci

    Photos Squat the Airport. And the planet

    squat that planet
  48. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  49. Lamentations


    Hey this is Taber from Dead Tour 2009 AKA Framese from Rainbow. I used to travel without any electronics, but I've given all that up now, and I was wondering if anyone had any old photographs of me I could show my relatives. Much love
  50. Abirdperson

    Photos Good day. Thank you all for sharing.

    I have been traveling by plane, bus, and foot for the past four years. I am usually a farm worker but I have done many jobs. I have a husband and we have a dog. She is just beginning her life of traveling with us. I want to thank you all for sharing your information. I know I will learn a lot...