1. Matt Derrick

    photos/videos tabs return to user profiles!

    Website Updates 
    One of the things we lost in the software upgrade last year was the ability to see videos and photos users have posted via their profile. I'm happy to say that this is back now, so if you're curious to see videos or photos they've posted in the message board, you can do that now by clicking on...
  2. Theslabstankgirl

    Stp sticker slapped thread

    On our way to Colorado at the Valero in Blythe, ca Let's see your stp sticker slaps
  3. Matt Derrick

    A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family Home

    News & Blogs 
    A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family Home By Melissa Dalton – February 27, 2018 The Mayes family transformed a Thomas High Top into a well-organized and airy humble abode, using thoughtful storage and a minimalist color palette. When Gabriel and Debbie Mayes...
  4. ntdxc1878

    One Month Across 20 States

    Featured Photos 
    I pulled my pack out of the back and slammed the door shut. The white Nissan slowly wheeled away around the bend and out of sight, and I was now officially alone. I promptly made my way through a hole in the fence, through the trees and out into the clear to reveal the glorious three track...
  5. duderino

    Transamerica Bicycle Race 2017

    A week ago, I started bicycling on the Transamerica Bicycle Trail. On June 3rd, the 2017 Transamerica Bicycle Race started. On Sunday, June 4th, I made it to Mitchell, Oregon and stayed at the Spoke'n Hostel. While I was there, lots of racers from the TBR were stopping by. The hostel was giving...
  6. EphemeralStick

    Salton Sea and Slab City

    Here are some pics I took during the past few months. Some are around the Salton Sea while others are at the Lizard Tree Library in Slab City. Oh yeah and three photos from LA because I forgot to take many photos while I was there. Featured in these shots are StP users @Matt Derrick @Shwhiskey...
  7. Matt Derrick

    Peaceful photos of eco-villagers will make you dream of going off-grid

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    May 11, 2015 BY: CONNOR BRIAN Often a sense of struggle settles in when we find ourselves surrounded by the daily routine of urban life. Crammed into a sea of vacant faces in the early morning rush hour, sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I am just another moving part of an engine. Though...