service dog

  1. Coywolf

    Service Dog FAQ under the ADA

    Hey all, this has been long overdue, however, I had said earlier that I would provide a list of the FAQ's for Service Dog regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act give strict regulations on what a service dog is, where they are allowed, and what can be asked by employees...
  2. croc

    DIY service dog card

    Have any of yall made ur own ID card for ur "service dog"?
  3. ChaoticallyCrazed

    A Quick Guide to Faking a Service DogFeatured 

    So I totally posted this elsewhere before, but I've not seen much of anything like this here, and I've seen several questions by people asking about how to make it seem like their dog is a service dog, so here you go. It's edited a bit, if you've seen this before. Now before I start off, I'd...
  4. D

    anyone have experience/opinions with passing a service dog?

    What a strange continent we live on where our best friends are made to sit outside of the establishments we use (or not even!) , or are restricted from buses or even certain outdoor areas. Dogs would be so much better behaved if we didn't leave them locked up daily to wallow in their pent up...