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  1. Jerrell

    Transgender Day of Remembrance

    Missing my friend and campmate Poe/ Legion. https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/11/need-justice-poe-transgender-day-remembrance-now/?fbclid=IwAR0X4HkeA30NnS-I_ZRWxS02_7U0fj8mbXUzjgSzbii7k8qAy_NUMhVKbpc
  2. D

    greetings from sam

    howdy, yall. im a 23 year old non-binary punk, they/them pronouns, by the name of sam. im currently livin in north va but have plans to start roaming. advice and friendship are welcome, and when i do hit the road itd be great to have company. lurked a bit on similar sites, finally decided...
  3. plumfae

    hi, I'm plum! a bit about me (🇨🇦)

    hey howdy im Plum! I'm from Windsor, ON. I'm trans, a poet, and I write graffiti. I spent the last few years doing a lot of couchsurfing, usually for a month at a time, but I've always had a roof over my head. I got my longtime daydreams of riding trains admittedly by reading Kerouac in...
  4. jordthecowboy

    Caught between lives

    Hey all, I'm Jordan, a lover of life and a writer of it too. For the record, I'm nonbinary/ trans masc and use they/he pronouns. I've travelled quite a bit in my so-far-short life, by many different means, throughout Canada, Asia, and Europe mostly. I'm living in Toronto right now, finishing...
  5. JackSioux

    Introduction to this site! Hi!

    Yooo my names jack and I’m still fairly new to the hobo world. I use he/they pronouns and id love to learn from people on here! Still new to this site so forgive me if I make any errors. •Some basic info would be that I absolutely love nature/astronomy/bushcraft. I have some weird survivalist...
  6. EmmaAintDead

    The Pronouns Thread

    Okay folks. So, in another thread there was some pretty good and necessary discussion regarding pronouns, correct and incorrect use when referring to trans/non-binary people, how that impacts us, and the importance of using correct social markers when interacting with each other. Given how...
  7. Rayontrees

    newbie hailing from Eugene

    Hiya, I'm Emmet, a 20 year old newbie who plans to travel in, oh, 6 months (?) My only travel experience is a middle school orchestra trip to Cali so you might say I'm seasoned as fuck lol. I plan to explore the west coast for a while and then high tail it east to meet up with a couple of close...
  8. deathrehearsal

    Reported content: Post in thread 'Hi! Trans girl needs help in Michigan.'

    Post in thread 'Hi! Trans girl needs help in Michigan.' by electrocuter has been reported by deathrehearsal. Reason given: Content being reported:
  9. Mabombix

    Alone in the Windy City

    Hi there! I'm Maeve, a 19 year old trans woman who just got thrown out of her family home. I don't really have an interesting story aside from that, but I figure that's not super uncommon on this forum. I'm an amateur cartoonist and guitarist, and I'm looking for squats in or around Chicago that...
  10. Frosty25

    27 and tired of the 9-5

    Greetings everyone! I'm a 27 year old non binary identifying individual from Louisiana currently residing in New Orleans. I have wheels and a pup, and I'm tired of grinding my life away. I'm in dire need to go out west somewhere liberal. Id like to travel with like minded and trustworthy...
  11. Honey Crust

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    Hey all, I’m a traveling trans girl who’s been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for about a year and a half. My pharmacy is in Denver, and whenever I needed to refill my prescription during the summer I’d have to make my way back to Colorado once a month to get my hormones. I’d like to not...
  12. SashaBlavod

    Hi! Trans girl needs help in Michigan.

    Hi my names Sasha. I'm trans and due to abuse at home I got made homeless and I need a shelter til I can get a job.
  13. SummerFire160424

    Hey all!

    So my name is Brianna but I usually go by SummerFire and I live in Portland, OR as of July 2017 after living in San Diego, CA for way too long (28 years) and I’m a queer and trans woman of color. I joined StP forums a few months ago but I was dealing with a shit ton of depression and anxiety but...
  14. croc

    Trans folk, please chime in! Cis allies, please read!

    While scrolling the "solo female travelers" thread I saw a discussion was sparked in the comments about whether saying female bodied is rude to trans masculine or nonbinary peeps, and whether the experiences of trans women who aren't out or aren't assumed to be women by people in public should...
  15. D


    I'm starting a series about every city I spend an extensive amount of time in: mapping out how they treat their homeless, the spread of gentrification, all the shiz I experience, stories that are shared with me, and resources for trans folks. The introductory post can be found here. Might be...
  16. D

    Publication Thread

    I've been in a bit of a writing slump lately, but have these drafts I've been sitting on for months instead of putting them out into the world. Used to be getting little things published all over the place, but my desire for it fell by the wayside in my travels. Yesterday, I finally got out of a...
  17. scoutwilding

    Hey all! Older trans forest elf here :D

    Hullo folx! I was on the board here a while back & decided really its where I belong. The rest of 'social media' makes me crazy. I'm an older (47), poly trans queer Anarchist forest elf who grew up in the mountains of NY state homesteading before it was cool haha. I started traveling in 1990 &...
  18. croc

    Maybe I'm romanticizing the lifestyle and won't last... Only one way to find out

    Hey folks, I'm Lyle, 22 from the east coast of FL. I've been dreaming of getting rid of all my shit and leaving my starchly white, republican hometown for years now. So while I've been looking for someone else to travel with, I've taken to researching everything I can. Made this account a few...
  19. Howl

    Looking for something better...

    Hello all! My name is Daryl Howl, and I'm a 20 y/o transguy from a little town called Willsboro, NY. I've not started traveling yet for a number of different reasons, but I aim to soon and hope to meet many cool people along the way. Im honestly kind of scared to travel on my own cause I'm...
  20. XlilyX

    kinda new

    hey guys, i just thought id post an introduction and tell ya a little about myself. hopefully ill make some new friends or have a few chats at least! my names lily, im a 20 yr old trans girl. love lofi, doom, bedroom pop, punk, sludge, blasty stuff. i dont live on the road, i usually migrate...