1. Coywolf

    'Residential' camping and squatting on Public land

    Not sure if I should put this is squatting, orwilderness seemed better here. Hey all, I am creating this thread to see what people's experiences have been with the recent push by the Forest Service and BLM to limit 'Residential camping'. As I have noticed recently, the FS and...
  2. Honey Crust

    Photos Hitchin' Denver to California: What Could Go Wrong? (Pt. 2)

    I woke up. I heard voices. It was still pitch black outside so it had to be at least before 5am. I looked to the north and saw a flashlight scanning the trees a little ways up the path from us. The flashlight was getting closer. I didn't know what to make of it, I didn't know whether to wake up...
  3. beginnavagabond

    Living alone in wilderness but nearby civilisation

    I've heard all about how if you decide to go to the wild you should partner up with people to ensure survival which I totally agree with. If I were to do it alone, is there a place I can live nearby a town just in case I need outside help and would that be a good idea? I was wondering about...
  4. IMG_0352.JPG


    Definitely one of the prettiest roads I've been on.
  5. thattrombonekyd

    Music, Travel, and living out of a car

    Hey guys, thought I'd introduce myself and what I'm looking to do. I am Sawyer (thattrombonekyd - instagram) and I hail from Topeka, KS. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN. I have realized that I don't want the normal 9-5 lifestyle anymore ,and all I want to do is make awesome music and travel...
  6. Matt Derrick

    Video Exploring an Abandoned KOA in Arizona

    Anna and I stop to explore an abandoned KOA campground we found on the roadtripper's website. Located just east of Winslow, Arizona, it's a neat spot with a lot of interesting graffiti. *************** Video Notes: If you're interested in visiting, it's really easy, since there's literally...
  7. beginnavagabond

    First solo journey

    I am working at a farm in Minnesota this summer and I thought it'd be a good idea to travel somewhere new after I start working there. I was planning on taking a greyhound from Minnesota to Portland or somewhere in California but I may see if I can get a ride from a bigger city like Sioux Falls...
  8. black

    headin' out to the Puget sound area soon. tips?

    possibly Oly, possibly a few other places. me and my queen @syrinyx really wanna be in like Aberdeen, Forks, or La Push. shes been through there and says its the place to be. might concede to Olympia though because resources. any tips on good places to hide out in the woods in/ right out of...
  9. Vanholio

    Shit in Woods Goes Gross to Nightmare

    Link to a blog post I did last spring about, well, just what the title says. True story. Revealing photo. ----- What’s the dark side of living in a van down by the river? Assault by druggies? Cops? Bears? No, it’s shitting in a hole. Today, it went from gross to nightmare ... It starts by...
  10. AnarchyandChaosInc

    Adverse Possesion Eco-Village Project in Pittsburgh PA

    Anarchy and Chaos Inc. is a currently small collective interested in promoting organized squatting in the Pittsburgh area. We believe that taking over abandoned properties for the purposes of providing housing, community centers, and public gardens should be a prime goal of our society. It...
  11. D

    What I learned this summer!

    I learned to camp this summer! The few of you that know me know I'm more of a shelter hopper. This year, I got job and staying in the shelter with a job wasn't a good option. The other clients have no respect for themselves or anyone else so I left and started sleeping outside. I met a guy and...
  12. NattyKiwi

    Video Real Camping In Hawai'i

    ALOHA Nomads, Iv been in Hawaii Since Nov 2015 and am loving it. Iv been staying at a farm doing 20hrs of work a week for food and a room. I still like to go back to the basics tho and camp out! Nothing like it in the world. Here is a video of a camping trip in March.
  13. Cornelius Vango

    Extreme Climate Techniques and Tricks

    So, you've found yourself in the wilderness in an extreme climate. It's EXTREMELY hot, or cold, or rainy, or swampy, or dry... What are some ways that you keep yourself not only alive by meeting your basic needs, but also be comfortable as you can be (besides climbing into the nearest place with...
  14. D

    People have been suggesting camping

    Recently, I've been getting a lot more suggesting to camp out instead of looking for a squat. It turns out it's a lot safer and a lot more peaceful and private. Just like with squat, I have no sure appropriate gear, but I need to expand my options and way of thinking for the sake of my survival...
  15. CohesionHouse

    Hello >:)

    Greetings from Cascadia! Thank you for having such a wonderful site. We are a punk house co-op in Washington state. This is a group account. We hope to get to know our neighbors and other like-minded households. We host ad trade with others. Let us know what your collectives and co-ops...
  16. Garnet Henderson

    Want to talk to me for a VICE article?

    Hi everyone, I'm a freelance journalist working on an article for VICE about people living in U.S. National Forests, both by choice or because of hardship. It's a follow-up of sorts to an article I wrote about the housing shortage in my hometown, Jackson Hole (can't link to it because I'm a...
  17. Fhqwhgads

    Canada/US Border - Hitchhiking

    I'm planning a trip from Toronto to California. My plan is to take a bus from Toronto to Washington, DC and from there just head west. I've crossed the border numerous times via bus and the procedure is that everyone gets off and one by one we talk to the border guards and our bags run through...