1. Minnie

    ethiopia, kenya? anyone?

    a friend and I, both savvy solo travellers living the minimum for long distances, are planning our first trip together. she's in czechia and im in australia so we're looking for a meeting point that's similar price to get to from our corners of the globe. morocco, egypt, jordan was mentioned and...
  2. Tony Pro

    Senegal by the Seat of your PantsFeatured Photos 

    My trip to Senegal turned out to be a bit of a farce, but it could be of interest to anyone else planning an ultra-budget trip to West Africa. The first rule of traveling in Africa happens to be the same as the first rule of hitchhiking: Don’t be in a hurry. If you try to hitchhike somewhere...
  3. Archon Haz

    Anyone been to the Sinai?

    Hey guys, Vizion here. I'm thinking of hitting Sinai in a month or two, anyone been there? Have stories/advise to share?