1. NattyKiwi

    Hawaii Nomad LivinVideo 

    Aloha Nomads! Im back again with another video for whoever wants to see it. This video is a montage of some of my time here so far. Da palm trees, clear ocean, cliff jumping, clear skies. and chillin at some locals spots. Its lookin like ill be staying here for another full season before...
  2. CohesionHouse

    Fort Casey, WA

    A few of our comrades went to Fort Casey yesterday. Here's a short clip of our experience on Whidbey Island.
  3. He Who Abides

    Looking for digital sailing resources

    Hi! I've not posted here much but I figure I should start giving it a go. Hello! I used to live on a sailboat with me pa when I was a lad, and I learned a little bit, but it's been some time now and I'm thinking of getting myself a fixer upper sail dinghy to learn on. What can I say? The sea...