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  • sorry i said your name was a "crackronym"...........but yeah...i wanna go visit them folks too....megan is really awesome to have gone out of her way like she has to help Ursula....
    hey. did you have luck thumbing out of providence and RI in general? i may be passing through the state soon, was wondering. tahnks
    dunno why we haven't hung out yet. im in portland tonight but trying to get back to seattle cuz i havent been there for a few months. what you up to?
    South Kingstown. I'm originally from around Pittsburgh but I've lived here for like five years. How about you?
    We should finish what we started last time you were in FL and go to the Ocala Rainbow gathering. Come on, you know you wanna!
    :( I didn't end up even trying to catch out tonight (obviously)
    I'm sure the info you gave me would have made it a breeze but my old man begged and begged me not to ride alone and threatened to either go buy a bag of dope or walk shirtless into a skinhead house so he'd get jumped when they saw his equality tat on his chest.... (ridiculous, I know)

    So anyway, yeah. To humor him I'm just gonna take the comm. rail tomorrow :/
    boring, but whatever. He owes me big time cause it's been a couple of months since I've been on a train and I'm fuckin fiendin for a ride.

    I'm definitely gonna try the cumberland spot out once I find someone to ride with or he gets out here. I'll let you know how it went for me then.

    Thanks for the help though. I'll definitely use the info eventually
    thank you for righting back im sure ill figure something out it just really herts i feel like a zombie. he opened all kinds of people eyes here in new mexico im fixing to hit the road again aug28 after my birthday thats what he would of wanted well thank you and nise talking to you
    how far is where you live from NYC? When are you gonna be in Maine? Are you really going to best friends day?
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