N.E. Bike Touring, Charging Locations and Camping Locations.


Jul 26, 2018
Current Location
Providence, Ri.
Behind the Jonhson and Wales University, Next to a generator.
Riverwalk, three Light Poles with a gazebo nearby to chill and watch your property.
711 @ 720 Broad st, left side in front, don't spend too long there.
Campsite, Woods by Old Bridge Trail.
Marblehead, Ma.
Donkin Donuts, at the Village Market, as well as a Laundrymat.
CampCampsite, Seaside Park, just go all the way to the Bay and there are Rocks with a tucked away spot.
Also like, a spot behind the Community Center, very concealed, and the staff are nice, plus they have pluggs inside and don't mind
It's also a senior center.
Rowley, Ma.
The Wildlife Reserves are unpatrolled, just go in Deep.
Newbury, Ma.
Harmony Farms is a cool place to pitch, like, just try to volunteer some of your time

Ipswitch, Ma.
There is a pizza place with a plug nearby the Ebsco Publishers business, it is behind it.
There is a small camping spot right at the end of the train platform, tucked behind a Container.
At the Cumberland Farms Convenient Store, on the right side there is a plug, also they have an Air Pump.
Newburyport, Ma.
This place is Cool as fuck. Just camp in park right by the boardwalk. No one will say anything. Just get up sorta early.
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