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Jul 24, 2017 at 2:23 AM
Jul 6, 2017
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Los Angeles


is getting to know the place, Male,

Los Angeles
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thegrapsman was last seen:
Jul 24, 2017 at 2:23 AM
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    Current Location:
    Los Angeles
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    Want to
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    • Male
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    • Bisexual
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    He / Him
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    No pet currently
    Political leanings:
    In the middle I guess?
    I don't think I could legally list them lmao
    Favorite curse word:
    Hello all, I'd rather not list my real name but you can call me Graps. Why? Because I'm a huge wrestling nerd. I watch WWE and certain indy promotions when I can, love British wrestling and women's wrestling especially.
    Into video games, haven't played anything new cause I can't afford it.
    Love nature and exploring random places, laying on the grass watching squirrels frolic on the tree branches is the best.
    I ride my bike around a lot, I got a bum knee so I gotta instead of walking but I also enjoy it.

    I hang out in a chill folk punk scene, and I love going to all sorts of local bands backyard shows. I may not look like that random punk kid on the side of the road because I find ways to dress decently while on a budget, cut my own hair/beard, and I shower as frequently as I can.. but it all helps me surviving in the ways I know how to when I walk into certain places.. If ya know what I mean. haha.

    I'm more progressive but I also think humor is subjective. My humor can be crude at times, and I love some dank memes. Although if anybody ever pulled me aside and said they're not comfortable with something I said I will listen to them and try to be courteous and respect their boundaries.

    I'm a longtime vegan, don't care if you're not as most of my friends arent but please don't shove non-vegan food in my face.

    I used to dumpster dive a lot and know how to acquire things when I don't have the money for them, I'm really witty about figuring out means of survival and will do everything I can to help true friends.
    I've also never legit traveled before, I've been wanting to all my life but have been too afraid. I grew up really poor (still poor lol) and never thought I could, but obviously that's some bullshit.

    This was probably way long but eh, fuck it I do talk a lot when I'm not super depressed.

    So I guess I'm on this site to learn the right way to be a traveler from all of you fine upstanding folks, and hopefully make some new friends!
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