Bike touring Mexico (1 Viewer)

Jul 12, 2017
On 2 wheels
I've been researching bike touring in Mexico and I'm looking for any info from people that have toured down there. I came across this which is pretty helpful. I know a few members have spent quite a bit of time south of the border. I'd actually consider staying down there for quite awhile if the opportunity presented itself to me. I know there are around 1 million American Expats living down there. So many people have blabbered on about safety down there- yet, they don't bat an eye when you mention how many murders happen in Chicago, And that's just one major city in the USA.

Some tips and advice if you want to go tour cycling in Mexico. -

Where Do Mexico's 1 Million U.S. Expats Live? -

Mexico vs United States: Crime Facts and Stats -
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Oct 2, 2018
On a bicycle, in the desert
I plan on doing the same. Heading through mexico late fall when it starts to cool off. I will be going through mexico and heading to Colombia/Ecuador/Peru. I think I may be staying in that part of the world for a while. has a lot of travel journals from people that have toured through and around Mexico. They post their routes, maps, pics, and good info.

Most people seem to do Baja and then catch a boat to mainland Mexico, entering Mexico in Tecate.

I plan on entering at Bisbee/Naco Arizona. I have a few spots I want to see but I will make up my route based on locals suggestions, scenery, and traffic. copper canyon and Guanajuato are two of the spots I plan to visit.

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