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Jun 25, 2016
Eureka, California
That new world tourist looks really awesome! I might have found my next bike...
An unintended consequence of the low top bar (that you can easily step over), is that it makes it so much easier to stop and hop off to check something out. With the standard diamond frame bike, it’s more of a pain in the ass to hop on and off fully loaded, so you tend to just keep going.

I chose the orange color to double as being more visible to traffic, and a theft deterrent (not a popular color to steal, and more visible to find if it is stolen).

It folds up and fits into a suitcase that you can check as baggage on any airline (saving you at least $100). You can buy a kit to turn the suitcase into a trailer that the bike pulls, but I think it’s too wide for some busy roads, so I didn’t bother. In hindsight, I would’ve got drop handle bars instead of the H style handle bars.

I also have a Surly LHT (which I’m selling if anyone is interested...52cm) that I probably couldn’t tell the difference in feel if I was blindfolded. I probably have a little over $2k into it, but people easily put double that and more into a piece of shit car/van/bus that ultimately sucks their wallets dry while simultaneously destroying our planet.


Pedal To The Metal
Dec 28, 2016
Santa Fe
Recent pic. Riding through Salt River Canyon, Az, headed to Moab. Ritchey PTEAM frame, XT/XTR, Chris King hubs and BB. Surly Krampus 15mm TA fork and 24 pack rack. Revelate frame and rear bag. Roadrunner Jumbo Jammer bag and gas tank bag, Big Agnes tent. 3 gallon water capacity. 4-5 days food. Anker Solar panel. The list goes on and away I go... #gorideyourfuckingbicycle #pedalto_themetal



Jul 14, 2018
On the road... South Korea
In Korea i was bored, so i found some bike on streets of Daegu and come with them to east coast and than to the nord, borders with another Korea. It was fifth times broken, so i let the bike be and walk thru the mauntains and hitchhike to Seoul. And here i bought a new one for 4000won (3eur) and i hope, that the airlines will be ok with them, because in three days i should board on fly to China and next day fly to US. Oh, the tube is didgeridoo.


Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX


Nov 8, 2018
hey buddy, long time no see! that is a damn fine looking bike you got there, i love the orange and black stripes! saw your tumblr, you should (re)post some of your stories on StP some time (include links to your blog to promote that here!). where have you been on this bad ass bike?
They are actually florescent pink stripes, but look orange in some lighting. I just put masking tape on them, plastic primered, and spray painted. Just posted a little thread of pictures last night! But about 500 miles around the Cali coast.

Deleted member 22934

I deleted myself
I only got to put about 180 miles on this beauty before it was tragically stolen off the back of my van. But it will surely be missed. I got it off craigslist for $40 in Boise Idaho. It was one of my favorites for sure. I really wish we could have spent more miles together. But fate had other plans. Fuck Albequerque by the way! Thats where me and this baby were torn appart. Lost, but never forgotten

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