bike trip through florida next month (1 Viewer)


Jul 20, 2010
Heading from North Florida south possibly all the way to Keys, probably ride down the east coast but haven't decided actual routes or destinations yet, but plan to leave around feb 16th. If anybody else wants to join, company may be enjoyed and if anyone is posted up somewhere cool in the state and wants to kick it let me know.

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Sep 13, 2006
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I'd be down to hang if your going down the coast. I'm in Ormond beach /Holly Hill. I might even ride a ways south with you if work isn't to crazy by that time.

I'm not sure about the Jacksonville to St Augustine leg but from St Augustine to Ormond (on Hwy 1) they recently put in a sidewalk just about the whole way with benches and trash cans every half mile or so. It's weird because there's nothing out there for miles. Handy tho. I've trekked up there on my whip a few times.


Jul 20, 2010
us1/alt a1a will basically take you down the entire east coast of florida with varying degrees of civilization along the way. any particular reason for wanting to goto the keys?
far as making it to the keys no not really just figure it's a hell of a destination but not completely set on going the whole way. but yea A!A is the best routes for going south 25mph tail wind out there today. do kinda want to ride through the forest I know that damn hippie gathering might be going on really I just want to see the state even though I been almost everywhere in it I still usually travel north in order not to retrace my steps cause fl dead ends south but I do thinkit'd be cool to camp in the winter in the keys. but i'd be down for some springs but I figure I can hit those on the way back....and get this! there is a ferry from key west to Sarasota or ft myers or something like that so might just use that for a portion north then cut back up cross cross state toward jax again
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Sadly, there were no rideables this morning and the momentum picked up quicker than I expected. I'll have to live to ride another day or something...
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