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Oct 3, 2018
Alaska-Argentina on a bike
Hello my fellow whatever-we-all-are !
I started my bike tour Augost 21st in NYC, Went north to Canada (upstate NY to Vermont, then crossed at Albourgh, VT) and to Montreal.
From Montreal I went up north to Val d'or and now south-west to Vancouver.
I carry my tent and usually wild camp or couch surfing when available.
I dumpster dived and squatted some abandan places I found along the way.
I have limited experience squatting a place for about a month in Sydney, there I started my dumpster diving philosophy (basically, open your eyes and look around).
I hitchhiked alot in Australia and Europe, didn't like it in the U.S and I hope my next thing in Canada, once I get to Vancouver, will be freight hopping just for the sport, and then back to my bike.
If there are any Canadians here that I might meet along the way, thumbs up! Other then that, I find it kinda funny that nowadays punk and anarchist culture had find its way to the internet with rules, asmins and guidelines.
Maybe I will be able to get the CCG this way ;)
When I talked to the punks in St. Catherine (Montreal) they pretty much told me to fuck off :))

Pic 1: This was an abandan Indian reserve or whatever. Maybe in the punk dictionary it would be referred as Jungle. Anyway, not a pleasent night due to stress that I will be found, but eventually nothing happened.

Pic 2: Dumpsters are not only good to find stuff, but also to hide your belongings. When getting to a nice town, it's not comfortable to explore it with all of your luggage, so I found an almost empty garbage bin (wooden, I think only closed bags because it really was clean) and hid my stuff. I camped there and took everything out next morning, was perfect. On the island on the Ottowa river, last night in Quebec (to Ontario and beyond!).

Pic 3: Adelaide, South Australia. I forgot about bus schedule not going all night long and got stuck. After spending some time with the night creatures (a funny homeless i walked with and got beers for, BTW the next morning he got arrested) I found in an alley three chairs and made them my bed. In the morning I was asked by a truck driver "not to shoot up", so I immediately took off, terrified by him thinking I was a junkie.

Pic 4: hitchhiking with police - check.

*They only took me out of the city to a big bus terminal, and were very ammused by me. We had a nice chat, and I think they enjoyed the fact they were "busy" with me and couldn't respond to bs calls on the radio


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Oct 3, 2018
Alaska-Argentina on a bike
Let me reintroduce myself. I'm sorry for the double massage. Lock me up! ⚫

Pic 1: I was hiding in the bush cause I got to my spot very early, and was tired. So I put on my full ninja custom, almost vaporized myself (sweat!!!) But was not seen. Had a blast :) New Jersey

Pic 2: it was a nice night, didn't want to setup my tent. Mosquitos ate my face like crazy. I thought I looked suffering enough and sent it to my friends, hoping to get chheered, but instead I became the joke of the day

Pic 3: best spots for wild camping in cities are somewhere no one will look, so it's the back of a restaurant (closed), at the dumpster area. Has great wind cover too. 0C/32F that night.

Pic 4: sometimes you don't feel like hiding, so I put my tent in this fine pergula (gazibou?), Woke up smiling and said good morning to everybody who were wondering :) Canada, by the way.

Pic 5: Hitchhiking with a firetruck - check!

Pic 6: My new friends in Sydney renovating and expanding our beautiful squatt. Unfortunately, about a month later the city decided to avacuate us due to some city plans or whatever. Danny (lady near the wall) lived there for almost a year.

I will try to add some more, hopefully will be able to set a proper image of who am I in general and what I've been up to. I travelled in 5 continents so far (if Mexico is considered South America, then 6), pretty much never paid for my accommodation. I'm interested in the world of freight hopping, being the only way of transportation (that I know of, beside spaceships) that I haven't tried.
I passed the opportunity to hitchhike with a small airplane in Vermont ;)



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Welcome to Squat! You seem like a well accomplished Vagabond! Goodluck on the rails, but I wouldn't bother asking people for the CCG on here. Its against the rules to ask for it, but maybe someone will give you it once you get to know each other though. Good luck and nice pics!


Oct 3, 2018
Alaska-Argentina on a bike
Yeah all the freight scene is in hold for me now. I find it funny though "against the rules" that's a bit ironic.

I gotta say first time I heard the term vagabond was a few days ago when a friend suggested I'll write at Reddit/vagabond. I'm not American and English is not my maternal language.

I'm kinda young and basically trying all walks of life. Hiking, biking, squatting, dumpster diving, skydiving and whatever I come across with.
I need to sort out some cool tips about hoboing, all that shit about finding wifi, and bathrooms, and beach showers.
Anyway, tomorrow is another 100k+ day so it's time to sleep.

Thank you for the welcome,
Stay safe and warm!

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Dec 26, 2010
530 Rackerby, California
Ironic as you may find it, there are a couple rules yeah. Basically just don't ask for the CCG and don't be a dick. I don't think that's overly nazi of us. If we had no rules this place would be a real shitter.

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Ya I guess the author and company of the ccg don't want it running wild through the streets/online, so this site respects that. I can tell you that is kinda nifty and can tell you which rail is the mainline and where it goes. There's also a recent thread about determining the mainline on here too. Safe travels!


Oct 3, 2018
Alaska-Argentina on a bike
So.. last night was like -3 C
Was snowing all day long and I stopped because it's fucking dangerous to ride while it snows. So I slept under a trailer behind an hotel, and this is what happend:
It's 23:30, and 3 officers (two vehicles!) just left.
Earlier the front desk employee saw me on the camera, checked out with me and said I'm fine there. He was replaced and the new one called the cops to kick me out of there.
They woke me up, but were polite and kind, and eventually let me stay. All fine. The journey must go on
It is damn cold and almost constantly raining/flurish snow drops. The wind is difficult (North shore lake Superior) but it seems people driving the highway starting to know me, so I get a lot of possitive honjs. It helps. I didn't shower over a week and most of the time I can't sense my fingers. I hope to find a place to shower and sleep without being affraid/freezing. It's hard, it really is.




Oct 3, 2018
Alaska-Argentina on a bike
Have you passed thru white river or schreiber yet?
I am in schreiber now.
I kinda find a dude that offered me a job for a couple of weeks.
He will drop me at Thunder Bay and from there maybe I'll leave the bike somewhere safe and hitchhike to a place for winter.

Schreiber is a cool village! Very "villagy" with all those provinces street names
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