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may have to try a long term multiple tarp teepee for the winter. Basically a few, probably 4 tarps set up in trapper lean to fashion. Gonna try to rig up wood stove or purchase a collapsible one my critter can haul. A 8x10 is quite ideal for room and storage when set up with good pitch too for throwing rain and snow. Anyone had much experience with tipis or heated shelters?
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Rolling the tarp to a pole can help with heat retention. If you have a big enough roof tarp you can have a center poll, not really a teepee, rolled into the tarp. The design if often use in agricultural barn curtains, like for cows, but with massive vinyl.

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Oct 14, 2014
no personal experience with them, I've read the Europeans used the term "hothouse" so i imagine you'll be plenty warm.

the only thing I've ever done was drape my tarp over my tent to hold in heat and lit a few candles. only bad thing about that setup is moisture builds up.

i assume you'll want to leave a small hole in the roof and a section of the floor open for the fire.

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