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Beegod Santana
Jan 28, 2008
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Current Location:
New-Age Migrant Worker

Beegod Santana

STP Homebum,

Atlanta, GA, United States
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Tattoos are stupid. That's right I said it, fucking deal with it face tatty McFace tat. Nov 29, 2011

    1. belleZ
      Hey man we talked a long time ago. Im travelin. Drop me a msg.
    2. Ri Raw
      Ri Raw
      ayy your inbox is full but im wondering if youve got work for september. i can make it to wherever yall are. got a celly too, get at me 908-319-9508
    3. the wizard
      the wizard
      hey i couldnt figure out how to pm you. i saw your post about dirty kid trash, and my girl and i really need work for the summer. we are hardworkers and willing to bust our asses. the only thing is my girlfriend does not know how to drive. please hit me back with more details or if you need the help. not junkies, not oogles, not drama queens.- chad
    4. Beegod Santana
      Beegod Santana
      Tattoos are stupid. That's right I said it, fucking deal with it face tatty McFace tat.
      1. bluewaffle likes this.
      call us sometime. we were thinking about you guys today!
      hey guys!! what u all into these dayz? don't be strangers, were still in TN. our # 865.228.9795 come see us. and meet the lil' hobo of the family!!
    7. menu
      yeah. I was hanging out with them in SF a few months ago. they were heading to SD though. but they prolly came back
    8. spidermonkey
      yeh you fell in with the right crowd...those my brothers.....you heard d-rail died in oct rite? one more hardcore mean ass motherfucker gone...he's missed....
    9. spidermonkey
      you been to hartford, eh? the exit aint much but its a damn nice place once you get to knowin some folks out in the hills...did you meet steve?
    10. menu
      hahah. yeah. I actually remember her name now. the green haired one is Madi. cool girl but kinda oogle-ish
    11. wildboy860
      if your still in the N.E. / MA area there's a cheap 25$ festi in washington,ma if ur interested check out www.brighterdaze.biz
    12. IBRRHOBO
      who's this fuckstick posting on our mutual thread? i just reposted about the gentrification. let me know and give a ring sometime! laterz........
    13. matteo77766
      Hey I saw that you're coming to chicago, where are you heading from there?
    14. IBRRHOBO
      back up now. give me a ring.
    15. belleZ
      Yup, im around. hit me up. you still gots my number?
    16. IBRRHOBO
      Hey, if you wouldn't mind, PM severegout and describe your ordeal in Chattanooga, DeButts yard. Explain the area I told you to catch out, what happened with the bulls, etc. I feel a 'first hand' account is best. Thanx and hope allz well!
    17. jove
      Hey hey, saw your post about that West Mass waystation. you know any experienced riders in the boston suburbs?
    18. IBRRHOBO
      sent u a post. get out east coast way, pm us and we'll shoot r cell #.
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    Current Location:
    New-Age Migrant Worker
    Travel addict, groove merchant, professional lot kid, new age migrant worker, pothead, masshole.
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