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  • as travellers, part of our work is to pollinate, spread seeds + ideas, and clear pathways of communication
    Bee enthusiast huh? Gotta get me over my irrational fear! I'd rather fight a pumma over a bee and I couldn't even tell you why. My favorite state being Utah, the behive state, I've gotta shake this stupid fright! Over 600 kinds of bees in those cliffs I want to call home.
    waving hi from a snowy 16 degrees up in the north country ^-^
    yo I don't mean to be a creep but NC is great. My brother is moving to Knoxville literally like tomorrow. If you're still in NY get a hold o' me. I have a tracfone number is 845 389 7026.
    Hello,, How are you? Just saying hi from Ireland. How are you getting on with your Cochlear Implant? I have one also and am pleased with it. Tis a big change and i have never really learned to sign but muddled through with hearing aids which, in hindsight, were not much help for my deafness levels. Twould be nice to know your experiences of the implant. Brightest blessings. B
    Yo! Its flow from Ocala. How goes it? You and hunter make it out alright?
    You went to mainstream or bi-bi school?
    'be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle'
    post message count is currently at a 69
    do me a favor: do something today that you would have never dared to yesterday
    sleep cures all
    here's a tip: i may be deaf, but i sure as hell am not an idiot so kindly knock it fucking off.
    U want to go to Cali then ?.
    no seriously, I'm probably the first deaf female to hit the road like this.
    hey do u got a phone call me if u want 315 807 1550 its easyer. i should be in roc on monday
    Hey I like your enthusiasm and wanted to ask how much experience do you have? Hitching, Backpacking/Hiking?
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