Seeking Sheltered Parking During Rainstorm (1 Viewer)


Jan 8, 2018
Current Location
Stanton, CA
Hi! After a fender-bender, our car really shouldn't be out in a continuous downpour or thunderstorm until we can afford to replace makeshift body repairs w/the real thing. Any ideas on places to park (in parking garages or other shelter) in Orange County/SE LA County? Goal is to park for free or very cheap for 24-36 hours & stay w/car OR (preferably) leave it & take bus elsewhere. We may stay w/a friend--who has spare room but no carport. Paying up to a FEW $ is an option if necessary, but airports & similar pricey options are out. Any shopping areas, hospitals or the like w/covered or multi-decker parking where a car can stay for 24-36 hours & nobody will notice or care?
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Jan 26, 2014
Current Location
San Diego, CA
Dude this damn mudslide I didn't even know about it and am omw to San Diego and have been gas's jugging it and nobody generous here lately and now just waiting get the through when ever they open up the 101 but hope your vehicle doesn't crap out on your , best of luck N safe travels

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