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Autem Tua

Jan 17, 2017
Current Location
New York
Show me your DIY boots! Here's mine:
They're steel toed military surplus combat boots. I added some spikes for the heck of it, and drew on a bunch of anarchist stuff all over it.
booti-jpg.34949_DIY boots anyone?_Clothing_Squat the Planet_6:22 PM
bootii-jpg.34950_DIY boots anyone?_Clothing_Squat the Planet_6:22 PM
bootiii-jpg.34951_DIY boots anyone?_Clothing_Squat the Planet_6:22 PM
bootiv-jpg.34952_DIY boots anyone?_Clothing_Squat the Planet_6:22 PM
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Sep 12, 2016
Current Location
Montreal, Quebec
I used to make fel,t boo i dont have anypictures. They are dope, but maybe only good if you are living in a place that's dry n ice for several months. I added a pair of rope soles to another pair, eh, not good for wet city days in the fall, great for cold dry weather in forest. Good for house shoes, lol. Alpaca is my fiber of prefferance. I paid someone to make me some dope moccasins. I don't have leatherskills.


Feb 4, 2017
Current Location
My buddy used to make moccasins but they're not great for trains... Awesome for the woods, though!

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Finally printed up physical copies of my hitchin' story! Cover art by @spiffypairofspoons on instagram. I added some doodles and stuff to help with formatting, and I'll be carrying copies of these when my band goes on tour in the spring!

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