Cannibalizing LBVs? (1 Viewer)

Jul 8, 2014
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A buddy of mine plays airsoft and recently kicked me down a south African assault vest. Obviously wearing it won't get me very far.

I was curious if anyone else has cut the pouches off other tactical vests and attached/rivited/sewn them to their packs, belts, etc? Got pics?

Would the padding be good to sew to the back of my pack for extra comfort?

It's this vest here but black.


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Jul 8, 2014
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It's a good system. It reminds me of the Vietnam Alice gear belts/suspenders. I have a black cartridge belt and some extra leather belt pouches to take some weight off/easy access that I plan on using as well.

Basically I'm taking a black canvas equivalent of a med. ALICE pack and just adding the extra pouches for stashing gear I don't want floating around in the main compartment. Going to wax it before I leave to waterproof it a bit. Once I start taking the LBV apart I'm going to use the padded straps to cushion the bags shoulder straps, use the padded back to make it more comfortable and to wick sweat, use the nylon webbing to reenforce the bag make a chest strap and make tool loops on the inside, and use the pouches inside and out. Might convert a dump pouch or two into drop legs.

Basically going off of tactical gear for ease of movement and weight distribution in a much less intimidating way. Plus plenty of places to put patches and it's gonna look raggedy enough that people aren't going to want to steal it at first glance like a Kelty would.

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