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Jan 26, 2016
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Hey ya'll, the other day I decided to make a new sheath for my 7" blade I've had since I was 4. The old one is plastic, a bit heavy, and just downright cheesy. I had some spare leather so creativity got the better of me....

18194196_756358534545650_4168585779705394861_n.jpg 18198256_757262594455244_3442925487377956134_n.jpg

For reinforcement, and protection from the knife cutting through the leather overtime, I cut some cardboard to the shape of the blade, and taped it to get it sturdy+extra protection.

18222007_757262611121909_435596791324785151_n.jpg 18275233_756422147872622_745720992524130126_n.jpg

Fitted the leather to size, and super-glued it together, since I don't have proper leather-working tools and hand sewing through thick leather is a pain in the ass. Used leather cordage for style and to tie the knife secure on me, to keep it from bouncing around. The old sheath had a belt loop screwed on it so I salvaged that.
Not the best sheath but it only took me less than and hour, and I'm happier with it. Lighter, cool looking, and fun to make. Great use for scrap leather!
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Apr 7, 2017
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A tip for improvising for the hand sewing without leather working tools:
Use a nail and hammer to punch the threading holes. I've been leather crafting for a while and unfortunately I've never been able to get my hands on good and true tools, so improvision has been bliss.
Awesome sheath and badass knife! Good work! :D

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