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  1. crimethunc7


    Welp, I have no idea what I am doing here, just that life in a capitalist society ain't for me and I am about to go rogue. Looking for folks in Spokane WA. Looking for pointers on traveling in general. I have an old beater truck but if it makes more sense to ditch that I will. Thinking Ill save...
  2. T

    New in Washington

    Hello my name is Mar..also Twocrows. I recently acquired a chunk of land in collville washington ans looking to help people in need that want to help start a community. Farm garden ect. I was born and raised in California and Colorado . I am a Ninja nerd. Lover fighter soul igniter .
  3. Coywolf

    All California National Forests Closed - Worst Fire Season on Record

    InciWeb - Fire Incident map Forests Closed - LA Times All National Forests in CA are currently closed to to an un-fucking-precidented fire season. I'm a Firefighter, and this shit is terrifying. DO NOT HAVE FIRES in the woods right now. I cant stress that enough. The country is *literally*...
  4. pseudoego

    Point Roberts, Washington

    Is there anybody on here familiar with Point Roberts, and the commute into Canada?
  5. Chonkthebonk

    Hitchhiking across Washington

    Wrote a little article about my first day hitchhiking in America. Read it if you like : https://link.medium.com/rqa5UT0Zc5
  6. Fuzzypeach

    Washington State parks.

    Washington States parks have closed all their campgrounds due to the COVID-19 outbreaks. Stay well all.
  7. MetalBryan

    Short-term Food Not Bombs Activist Residency in Washington, DC.

    From the Washington DC Food Not Bombs facebook page: Short-term Activist Residency Available in Washington, DC. Sponsored by DC Food Not Bombs in February. Stay in close proximity to innumerable events suited to your individual, progressive political agenda. Ample space to work on creative...
  8. sgtpickles

    Featured My PCT Thru Hike Experience

    (INTRO) --- I posted a thread in the trainhopping forum last week and mentioned my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail introducing me to this community of vagabonds, travelers, wanderers, and free spirits. Several hours later I got a response from a fellow member recommending me to...
  9. D

    Washington Post photo essay on Brazilian Squat

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/photography/2019/03/27/what-its-like-living-an-abandoned-building-one-most-populous-cities-world/?utm_term=.9bfd07d2ba41 ~ peace
  10. O

    Northeast Texas to Seattle Washington

    Looking for a hiking partner (i think that is what a road dog is?) To leave in the next few week to trek towards Seattle, Washington! Also looking for tips and pointers!
  11. keystone

    traveling the west coast, hitching Washington, Oregon and Cali

    any advice, tips, possible meetups for traveling this time of year? heading south, I'm a 22 year old newbie. -thanks, peace and love
  12. keystone

    An Introduction -peace and love

    Hi everyone I'm Keystone. I'm from Boston. I'm in Seattle. I love adventure and fun and friends. -peace and love
  13. S

    Somewhere to go in Washington?

    Hey there, forum people. A buddy and I are headed from AB through BC to hop the border into Molson, WA. From there, I was considering going to Seattle to try and busk for some cash, and i heard about a commune in Olympia. Is there anywhere else, or anwhere better in WA we could go to for food...
  14. Required

    Any info on the location of the Washington regional?

    Sup ya'll, I'm trying to find out when/where the Washington regional is? I used the search bar, but I'm also functionally impotent so I might not have done the best job. I heard the 16th through the 26th, but I have no idea and can't make a Facebook to find out. Rainbows not really my thing, but...
  15. Twistback47

    Vancouver Washington

    What’s up I’m twist Im going to be traveling along the us im from portland but hopping out of Vancouver Washington bout to head out train hopping /hiker life kinda just fuck up for me writ now so I’m doing what I want to do maybe traveling will help me figure stuff out will see....
  16. Nikki Behle

    Hi ya'll, Nikki here in Washington, moving to Slab City this fall.

    Just trying to gather as much information as possible prior to moving to Slab City this fall.
  17. S

    Do I need a student ID or whatever to get into the University of Washington student union?

    Just as it says on the tin.
  18. Faunus

    Anybody in East Washington? -SpokaneStuck-

    Hey y'all; Anybody out here in East Washington? I'd love to kick it, maybe work on some projects together while I'm stuck being a temporary wageslave lol. Currently feeling more and more trapped here in Spovegas, figure some folks aroind might help.
  19. loathsomeginger

    Photos Trainhopping CA, OR and WA along the I-5 corridor

    I'm currently in the process of recording a currently untitled binaural podcast over the next 6 to 8 months featuring a broad range of American hobos/vagabonds and just finished my first month of travel which took me from Southern CA to OR and WA (and back). Here's a brief summary of the trip...
  20. dumpsternavel

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    Gonna be trying to attend the annual Folk Life Festival in Seattle,WA this year. It’s held at the end of May- and I’m gonna be round there bangin’ on a washboard, and hoping to jam with any and all. It’s also cohesive with apple picking season, (so I’ve heard) and may be a good opportunity for...