Washington Regional September 2017 (1 Viewer)

Sep 15, 2017
Seattle, Washington
West coast family! Two sisters one cat traveling through Washington right now hoping to find some info on washingtons regionals this september. My road dog said something about it being postponed and we cant find any current information online. Any help is appreciated I'm sure there are other kids who are confused as well and could use a resource. Much love to all ❤
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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
From a friend in another group ...

heartland is going on now in ky till next Thur or Friday and Shawnee is in Washington it is a regional no dates yet.

In case I don't follow up - you can IM me and I will ask my friend (she's an admin in a trucker rideshare group who has her "ear to the ground" and notes all the gatherings) for updates.


Born Wild
StP Supporter
Mar 22, 2017
Do you facebook? Search for the group washington regional rainbow gathering. If not let me know i can give you more deets
I don't fb and been looking for a gathering close enough to make. would appreciate any info you could spare


Mar 13, 2015
On the road
yeah remembered what month it was as soon as I posted it... just looking for any gathering any time any place really. need some family...
I feels it.. the next gathering i know of is the blacksheep xmas gathering in cali. But im sure theres a thanksgiving gathering somewhere.. i just havent heard anything

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I closed my account
I too am interested. Plz keep us in. The loop. I have silver to trade

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