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Jan 23, 2018 at 1:16 PM
Mar 21, 2017
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Current Location:
Augusta, GA
Internet/Cable/Telephony Tech Support


Celebrated Poster, Male,

Augusta, GA, United States
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just a few weeks and we are headed to Olympia. never been farther north than Kentucky lol so wish me luck Apr 18, 2017

black was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Jan 23, 2018 at 1:16 PM
    1. black
      just a few weeks and we are headed to Olympia. never been farther north than Kentucky lol so wish me luck
      1. dumpsternavel likes this.
      2. dumpsternavel
        Apr 18, 2017
    2. black
      just a friendly reminder that if youre having internet trouble, unplug your router/modem or gateway for 30 seconds and plug it all back in
      1. syrinyx likes this.
    3. black
      thankful every single second that I can breathe that I have such an amazing wife. Freya has truly blessed me.
      1. Spacescum likes this.
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  • About

    Current Location:
    Augusta, GA
    Internet/Cable/Telephony Tech Support
    Hephzibah, GA
    Favorite place:
    Preferred method(s) of travel:
    Walk, Drive
    Are you traveling now?:
    Planning to
    Spoken Languages:
    English, now learning Bokmal (norwegian), can understand a bit of spoken french
    Gender Identity:
    • Uncertain
    Sexual Orientation(s):
    • Pansexual
    Preferred pronoun:
    He / Him
    Relationship status:
    Trying to Quit
    Working the Steps
    Political leanings:
    amateur bushcraft (very basic stuff like fire-building, simple structures, etc), beginner wood carving,
    Instruments played:
    guitar for 10 years now, beginner drums
    Favorite curse word:
    Favorite websites:
    stp, libcom.org, purple.com
    names Randi. me and my beautiful, amazing wife are just a few disheartened malcontents lookin to make a trip to the PNW (namely Washington) and settle down in the woods, maybe have a homestead, raise a few tots, and live life like our forebears would, and how Thunor intended. (sidenote: we are not folkish or traditionalists in any way, shape or form where our paganism is concerned) we've both had our small share of travels. shes been all over the country, from Atlanta to Olympia. Ive only really explored the southeast including TN, all over GA, SC, NC, KY, FL, and that's about it. shes an amazing visual artist and I'm a solitary, dedicated musician. was in a few punk and hardcore bands in Augusta in the last few years and a black metal band shortly before I met my wife and decided I would only pursue music as a one-man project. we are nature-worshippers and pagans, particularly I am a heathen. we aren't hippy types neither are we traditional types. far to the left but well-grounded in reality.

    we currently wanna see if some folks kind of want to loosely band together for a wilderness squat in Washington.


    jeebidy-jeebidy-jeebidy-jeebidy doo doodududoo doo
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