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passed through there past spring on greyhound, hitching from pasco- rather was but had a hellish wild day one exit north of town, was gonna try to sleep around spokane but damn its large, ended up buying a ticket to missoula. honestly looked dismal and typical.
why are you stuck? what binds you?


Sep 28, 2017
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Spokane, Washington
dismal, typical, creepy.... to be fair, I've lived in places where those adjectives are much more applicable. Don't get me wrong, Spokane is actually quite lovely in places, with old-school brick architecture, parks and libraries, and a river through the middle... but it's more the feeling of being trapped because of being stationary, after a life accustomed to nomadicism. I'm trapped by the job I hate that is necessary to start building enough of a cushion to feel safer back out on the road. Two years ago, I experienced running out of cash in east Africa, and that was an instructive moment; I want to have a cushion/parachute for my next jaunt, I just don't enjoy what's necessary to get it. Maybe I begrudge Spokane my human needs, which likely isn't fair lol.

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