Where in Oregon or Washington to live? (1 Viewer)


Sep 21, 2012
pretty much says it all.

i love the rain. it cannot rain enough in my opinion. i can't stand the heat with humidity here in Florida. not sure i can make it to OR or WA, but if i did, it would be nice to have some suggestions on where to land.
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May 3, 2008
Northern California
It can't rain enoug for you because you've never experienced the all day drizzle that is the weather for about 8 months out of the year in Seattle.
Other than that, it's not like you gave specifics about what you want.


Aug 6, 2014
Cheyenne WY
If you come up this way just plain avoid the major cities I live in the Seattle area and it really makes crazy. Its to busy crowded, people suck and its full of hustlers and fools. That's my 2 cents lol.Try the coastal areas or places like that.
Jun 4, 2014
Salem, OR
Oregon is nice. Salem is a relatively small sized 'big' city, as is Eugene. Portland is full of traffic and has high rent prices. If you want cheap rent and like to be close to the wilderness, check out Albany. Not sure what your income range (or plan) is, whether or not you're planning on renting or living off of the land.

For Washington, I would highly recommend Olympia if you like culture and music.


Aug 6, 2014
Cheyenne WY
Oly is awesome but seeing a lot about meth heads and heroin starting to get thick on the ground. That seems to be everywhere in the northwest lately though.
Jun 4, 2014
Salem, OR
That may be true for Oly, there are a lot of travelers that go through there. I see a lot of coke slung around down here in the suburban neighborhoods.


I deleted myself
I used to live in Salem and it's really a twisted police city. However the people there are either radass, or total shit kickers. there are no in betweens. but then again, i'm a jaded polar bastard. The punk scene in Salem is strong and tightly knit though. Good skating scene and a decent art scene too. If you want busy yuppie playground, check out Seattle. If you are into more handmade, working class vending, guerilla type stuff portland is where it's at. lots of work in portland and a lot of diversity there.
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