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    Hey man hit me up - heres another email of mine [email protected] I wanna prolly follow through on the zine idea but internet forums are not really for me anymore- stay in touch!
    not sure if you saw my post in the chatbox thing but here it is "when you get to town....ask where "the wedge" bar brewing company's off of clingman right by the river, well behind the wedge next to the trax is a huge gravel parking lot....good place to crash....people park busses there for days and days on end"
    have fun.... i miss that town
    Might be going to Canada also. In Vermont at the moment.
    im in brooklyn, unfortunately. i grew up in northampton though so im headed there for a bit before hitting the road this august
    Yo! Thanks for the post, right now I'm actually In Amherst, MA. where are you?
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