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  • Travel plans getting together due to sweet sweet randomness yayyyyyy such excitment much doge muy barcelona ay ay !
    Grass Widow, Dum Dum Girls - sorry, I think I posted this wrong, it was supposed to be in response to your question about all-girl bands.
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    haha that's alright, thanks !!
    it's 2:27am, I'm binge watching My Little Pony and it's the third day it has happened
    what am i doing with my life
    I have a job interview tomorrow and just like usual I feel it's so much BULL.SHIT like writing your CV and letter to say "hhh I really love working shitty jobs for minimum wage hhhhhh" and then they're like "why do you want this job" and you're like FUCKING MONEY, MATE
    God I hate this socially constructed bullshit
    Yep. It's Fucking nuts! Half of the jobs out there these days require you to go online, agree to sell out and let whatever whoever have your information, give your ssn to whoever whatever the fuck, half ass, security website vulnerable to hackers anywhere, then they reply with you don't have enough qualifications. Ugh fuck!! Rather be broke and happy!
    yea - i do try to eat healthy and walk a lot. im kind of obsessed with it actually. gotta keep that pitta in check, depressed and inflamed is not how i want to spend another winter !
    Way to go ! I might want to take that advice hehe
    Back to my hometown for longer than I've been for five years ! Got money to pay back and stuff to create :)
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