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  • Back on the road , visited home for awhile been away three years, put in 11209.8 miles very slowly last year . Almost to missoula now.
    haha , searched montana on here , guess im it in this neck of the woods , im fucked!
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    i've heard missoula has a pretty good punk community...
    Montanans are pretty chill; I'm sure you'll make friends. (And if you happen to be in Billings, I can hip you to a few spots.)
    ....heading north to Butte Montana, going to brave another brutal Montana winter, anyone else in Montana or want to test yourselves?
    Ahh NOLA trip fell through , i need to just figure out how to get back to Butte Montana from Shreveport LA.
    fucked off in Oklahoma , guess I'm about to head back south and west to meet up with some friends to hop the west coast
    Wanting to head west and north, really would like a van but have pretty much everything I need already.
    Hopping out of vegas heading south then East, I need pointers on what train to catch in Arizona
    ....about out of water about out of papers, haven't showered in over a week Ahhhhhhhh!
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