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  • well shit im pretty close to b-ham right now. but ill be down that way by wendsday. not sure if pensacola or gainsville. is there any chill spots there in pcola? for meeting folks and camp?
    hey mark call me. 3522129226. hopefully be up there tommorrow. is hobo beach still around ? are there any kids in town ?
    hey dude if you got a # send it to me, i wanna meet up with ya in jax im scared of the home bums there hah. ill check this jawn again tommorrow.
    You wanna catch out on the eastern side of Norris Yard in the middle of the yard. If you can find John Rodgers dr off Creastwood Blvd. Walk off the road down to the 5 tracks and walk them (west) towards the yard. That set of 5 tracks is what you want. Good luck!
    We don't have our info shop anymore. we do have wonderroot (art/show space/zines/ we have some collective houses, but i don't know much about them, they seem more along the lines of (for lack of better word right now) hippy more so than anarchist related/friendly. If you wanna hang out I'm pretty sure we can find something fun to do or somewhere fun to go.
    dude that would me perfect. Go out to punk week and come out to the North east. i'm trying to leave for the west coast in September. I'm heading down to richmond for best friends day in a week then coming back to NH and doing some work to get some money for some new gear. we can meet up and head west.
    Yo Marc it's Pat. Max's friend from New Hampshire. saw your post on the dude trying to get out of orlando's post. I'm trying to hop out of Worcester mass to go out and ride the high line. would you wanna meet up and go?
    Will do, man. How should I get in touch with you when I roll through Pensacola?
    I'm coming down to Florida on Jan 2nd. At some point I'm gonna pass through Pensacola on my way to NOLA. Got a number?
    yeah ill be at gonna be in florida within the next week or two..we should meet up and rage florida...get wasted..
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