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  • I like people from the New England area and just wanted to say hi.
    Trying to reach you
    hey, where you been? coming to the jambo? i'm headed back out to the slabs here in a couple weeks, gonna kick it and do some writing for a book i'm working on.
    made a trip over to chicago. philly etc., mostly floatin around new england

    my friend is drivin to nola n back northeast i might b hitchin a ride with him shortly, trying to check out the metal fest in vt this weekend... if all else fails ive got a solid ride to florida next month. south south south u knowww. then westwestwest.
    might take me a sec to get over to the slabs, so no jambo for me.
    hope to see you around there this season though

    sittin in the desert and writing sounds refreshing
    The "and, well," part wuz saposta be poeticle.
    Hey, girl!! Where thee FUCK are you? I have been working in Austin and spending time with the fam in SA. Last I saw you we were supposed to meet up and you just disappeared. Hope uyou are alive and well, and, well, if you're not doing too well, I hope that you're still alive. Love yoo, sistah souljah. Bliss. Peace.
    Hey, Punky. Where the hell are ya?! I'm in Austin. Come down and chill. Love ya, seestar.
    rusty, my names bef
    are you still in barcelona area? any recommendations for place to rest a head or good places to kick it
    hit me back whenever!
    heading all over this country and feed the masses :D u should text me or something 928 951 3813
    Love yer profile pic, by tha way....... sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    Hey now, lil' sistah! I'm still stuck here in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Any advice on which train(s) to hop and/or where to find them will be appreciated and NECESSARY unless a ride of another feather can be arranged through this illustrious network of groovalicious peeps. HEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!
    Hey no prob, how was Austin?
    ahoy. im from south kingstown :r
    id love to go to canada, but when its warm out, i hate being cold!
    im currently at the boyfriends sisters wrapped in my blankie on my ds haha
    around tampa,
    i used to skate when i was younger.

    now i just really liike riding bikes,
    Well, for me, they are easy, well were easy, to come by.
    But in hometown right now.
    Leaving to a different town today, then leaving to a different one tomorrow, then leaving for another on wednesday and heading to a different state to start an adventure.
    I am also a n00b too haha
    Well good!
    It has been a minute since I've been on here because I have been sick and just not wanting to leave my bed, while I still have one!
    But I am doing better, a lot better, yay!
    Hello hello!
    How're you?
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