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  1. varis

    Just some food experiences, clothes, money.

    Broke Traveller here I just wanted to share some of my experience with food and resources on the road. I still somehow get food stamps after settling somewhere a month, but haven't always. It's been a huge help, and the snap/ food stamps/ ebt, has worked in different states. They will run...
  2. Ace9133

    Another footwear thread for redundancy's sake...

    I've had a pair of Texas Steer (Kmart brand) boots since 2016 and they are leaky, creaky and plain awful. I'm looking for a cheap ($30-60 ish) pair of boots that are steel toe'd and waterproof or water resistant. Will be walking a lot, especially on ballast on railroad right of ways. Any and all...
  3. SiCK cada

    Synthetic Materials: good or bad?

    I've been trying to figure out what clothes would be best to pack to keep cool when its hot. I've read many articles from multiple different sources (REI, Bustle, and various other hiking and traveling related blogs) about the best clothes to wear for hiking and traveling and such in hot...
  4. Andrea Van Scoyoc

    Father Cedar's Sisters Offers Free Clothes, Shoes and Toiletries

    Hey, y'all! If you're ever in Pasco, Hernando or Citrus county, Florida and need clothes, blankets or toiletries, my Outreach gives them out, for free. Just message me...
  5. ali

    bamboo clothing in winter

    I've been living in a warm climate for the past few years and this will be my first winter back north of the 49th parallel. The only dedicated cold weather gear i own is a pair of merino long johns, acrylic beanie and polyester fleece lined hoodie. I've worn that to do some 30-45 minute walks in...
  6. StrongsouthwindyWomen

    Is it really unsanitary that i hand wash cotton underwear with other clothing?

    Apolguise if this should be posted in another form, but I think this post does involve being healthy and hygienic while on the road, being homeless, staying outside, etc, I currently have a apartment sink to wash my clothing in, right now im so broke ass i cant even afford to wash my clothing...
  7. Lamentations

    Yoga pants

    I don't know if this belongs here, I'm not currently travelling; but these are good travelling pants. I got some nice material from the thrift store and sewed some harem pants. The waist and cuffs are really lazy, and I haven't added pockets yet. I folded the cloth in half and laid out a pair...
  8. Matt Derrick

    Video Backpacking Clothes (Underwear, Base Layers, Hiking Shirts/Pants, Mid Layers, Rainwear)

    Here's a really good hiking channel with lots of videos including various kinds of advice for trail life, but a lot if not most of it applies to the general kind of travel you'll find people talking about here on StP as well. I highly suggest checking it out if you're not sure what kind of...
  9. D

    Free UP Patches.

    Found these on some old hats, in the basement of old hotel I was helping demo, right near the yard here in Winnemucca. I'd say 70's/early 80's. The hats were too rotten to keep so yeah....anybody want these??
  10. trashswag86

    Footware: Waterproof AND breathable options.

    Ok, so I’ve most of my gear figured out, which wasn’t that hard for the most part, but I’ve gone back and forth on what footware would be best. I’ve got these nubuck Timberlands that I picked up from a thrift store for 30 bucks, and I *love* that classic look, but ultimately I’m not wanting to...
  11. trashswag86

    Wash Wash Wash clothes options

    1. https://www.outsideonline.com/2067301/never-wash-your-workout-clothes-again-really Gives other fabrics the power of wool, for a week, basically. (Stinky particles don't attach to wool) 2. Another option I read in this forum is two drops of bleach in a zip lock bag of water, which sounds...
  12. D

    Are ponchos cool?

    I'm thinking of getting a poncho, but I don't really know where or how? I once saw this beautiful poncho with Pan-African colors back when I was in Salida, CO in this shop, but I was broke as hell that time and headed back to hot and humid Tennessee, and passed up on it. It sucks because I've...
  13. L

    Hunting clothing on sale for $2 at walmart

    I dont know if this is everywhere, it could just be because they were remodeling, but the walmart in Bryant Arkansas had a fire sale of mossy oak and real tree clothing for 2 bucks each, insect repellent thinsulate, water resistant pants and hats with light, all hunting clothing $2. Sorry if...
  14. Anagor

    Preferred way to repair clothes?

    Just curious ... what's your preferred way to repair clothes? Sewing, patching, using safety pins or other quick'n'dirty ways? Do you keep your clothes in good condition or are you wearing them until they fall apart?
  15. Hobo richard

    Great jacket

    I have worn those M65 field jackets for many years and like them. By now the way they fit and pocket locations are intuitive. Every fall here in the Pacific Northwest, i get out the m65 and there's that comfotable feel, but I run into the jackets fatal thaw right away. It is nothing more than a...
  16. Razrbaks

    Clothing scam.

    I am a firm believer in it takes money to make money. Here's the best way to get something you want for pennies on the dollar. What you do is get a merchandising gun offline, grab something expensive (ie. Northface jacket) then grab a like item (ie. northface t-shirt) then go to the dressing...
  17. exiledone956

    Clothing for 50+ Windy weather

    What kind of materials should I look for base layers, mid layers,shell. For bottoms I was wearing Thermal long johns 85% polyester 15% cotton , joggers 98% cotton 2% spandex. For top I was wearing T-shirt 100 %cotton, 100% extra fine merino wool, hoodie 85% cotton 15% the wind was killing me.
  18. Romanriff

    What kind of shoes do you wear while traveling?

    If you do wear shoes and aren't barefoot (major respect) what kind of shoes do you wear while traveling? My docs have been great but they hurt my feet with out good insoles and they're expensive as all hell. In of need suggestions for new shoes.
  19. dubh

    seeking old carharts in Ireland

    can anyone send some old carharts 36" waist to Ireland. I can't find them anywhere here. I miss my amerikan traveler pants. there is no where to put my head lamp, i miss the loop on the left hand side. Seriously... I'll pay for shipping.
  20. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    So my mother bless her heart found some renfair type cloak and cape patterns at her fabric store .... I have 3 tan and camo tents from wall Mart 1 man tube things with broken sticks or busted zippers. She has started to quilt them together and modify them to be hopefully rain and mosquito...