1. Theturk47

    The scarf shemagh

    Anyone using the shemagh for there travels I got a Olive drab one there's tons of uses for it how bout anyone else🤔
  2. Batsy

    Bum Flap

    Does anyone else rock a bum flap? This photo was taken the night mine was given to me as a 21st birthday gift by a friend, who made it. I’ve worn it almost every day since, so needless to say it’s seen some wear and tear, but that makes it an ongoing project. I’ve replaced/repaired the...
  3. Batsy

    Fixing a ripped crotch in your pants

    Every pair of pants I wear often ends up ripping between the legs, and then the rip gets bigger over time. What’s your favorite way to mend these kinds of tears in a way that lasts? When I sew to add decorative patches to clothes or to mend my bum flap, I sew by hand with dental floss. Is fixing...
  4. Tony G

    good boots

    so redwings quality is crap now so im looking for an alternative the military boots are good but i find they don't hold up as long as id like any suggestions
  5. Ace9133

    Another footwear thread for redundancy's sake...

    I've had a pair of Texas Steer (Kmart brand) boots since 2016 and they are leaky, creaky and plain awful. I'm looking for a cheap ($30-60 ish) pair of boots that are steel toe'd and waterproof or water resistant. Will be walking a lot, especially on ballast on railroad right of ways. Any and all...
  6. SiCK cada

    Synthetic Materials: good or bad?

    I've been trying to figure out what clothes would be best to pack to keep cool when its hot. I've read many articles from multiple different sources (REI, Bustle, and various other hiking and traveling related blogs) about the best clothes to wear for hiking and traveling and such in hot...
  7. ali

    bamboo clothing in winter

    I've been living in a warm climate for the past few years and this will be my first winter back north of the 49th parallel. The only dedicated cold weather gear i own is a pair of merino long johns, acrylic beanie and polyester fleece lined hoodie. I've worn that to do some 30-45 minute walks in...
  8. XAlbertaWarriorWomenX

    Is it really unsanitary that i hand wash cotton underwear with other clothing?

    Apolguise if this should be posted in another form, but I think this post does involve being healthy and hygienic while on the road, being homeless, staying outside, etc, I currently have a apartment sink to wash my clothing in, right now im so broke ass i cant even afford to wash my clothing...
  9. Lamentations

    Yoga pants

    I don't know if this belongs here, I'm not currently travelling; but these are good travelling pants. I got some nice material from the thrift store and sewed some harem pants. The waist and cuffs are really lazy, and I haven't added pockets yet. I folded the cloth in half and laid out a pair...
  10. Matt Derrick

    Video Backpacking Clothes (Underwear, Base Layers, Hiking Shirts/Pants, Mid Layers, Rainwear)

    Here's a really good hiking channel with lots of videos including various kinds of advice for trail life, but a lot if not most of it applies to the general kind of travel you'll find people talking about here on StP as well. I highly suggest checking it out if you're not sure what kind of...
  11. D

    Free UP Patches.

    Found these on some old hats, in the basement of old hotel I was helping demo, right near the yard here in Winnemucca. I'd say 70's/early 80's. The hats were too rotten to keep so yeah....anybody want these??
  12. trashswag86

    Footware: Waterproof AND breathable options.

    Ok, so I’ve most of my gear figured out, which wasn’t that hard for the most part, but I’ve gone back and forth on what footware would be best. I’ve got these nubuck Timberlands that I picked up from a thrift store for 30 bucks, and I *love* that classic look, but ultimately I’m not wanting to...
  13. trashswag86

    Wash Wash Wash clothes options

    1. Gives other fabrics the power of wool, for a week, basically. (Stinky particles don't attach to wool) 2. Another option I read in this forum is two drops of bleach in a zip lock bag of water, which sounds...
  14. D

    Are ponchos cool?

    I'm thinking of getting a poncho, but I don't really know where or how? I once saw this beautiful poncho with Pan-African colors back when I was in Salida, CO in this shop, but I was broke as hell that time and headed back to hot and humid Tennessee, and passed up on it. It sucks because I've...
  15. L

    Hunting clothing on sale for $2 at walmart

    I dont know if this is everywhere, it could just be because they were remodeling, but the walmart in Bryant Arkansas had a fire sale of mossy oak and real tree clothing for 2 bucks each, insect repellent thinsulate, water resistant pants and hats with light, all hunting clothing $2. Sorry if...
  16. Anagor

    Preferred way to repair clothes?

    Just curious ... what's your preferred way to repair clothes? Sewing, patching, using safety pins or other quick'n'dirty ways? Do you keep your clothes in good condition or are you wearing them until they fall apart?
  17. Hobo richard

    Great jacket

    I have worn those M65 field jackets for many years and like them. By now the way they fit and pocket locations are intuitive. Every fall here in the Pacific Northwest, i get out the m65 and there's that comfotable feel, but I run into the jackets fatal thaw right away. It is nothing more than a...
  18. exiledone956

    Clothing for 50+ Windy weather

    What kind of materials should I look for base layers, mid layers,shell. For bottoms I was wearing Thermal long johns 85% polyester 15% cotton , joggers 98% cotton 2% spandex. For top I was wearing T-shirt 100 %cotton, 100% extra fine merino wool, hoodie 85% cotton 15% the wind was killing me.
  19. Romanriff

    What kind of shoes do you wear while traveling?

    If you do wear shoes and aren't barefoot (major respect) what kind of shoes do you wear while traveling? My docs have been great but they hurt my feet with out good insoles and they're expensive as all hell. In of need suggestions for new shoes.
  20. dubh

    seeking old carharts in Ireland

    can anyone send some old carharts 36" waist to Ireland. I can't find them anywhere here. I miss my amerikan traveler pants. there is no where to put my head lamp, i miss the loop on the left hand side. Seriously... I'll pay for shipping.
  21. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    So my mother bless her heart found some renfair type cloak and cape patterns at her fabric store .... I have 3 tan and camo tents from wall Mart 1 man tube things with broken sticks or busted zippers. She has started to quilt them together and modify them to be hopefully rain and mosquito...
  22. Thor and Broomhilda

    Experiences wearing punk vests traveling

    Looking for good and bad experiences traveling in punk vests. I just got adopted and taken in, punked out face tattoo, gauges, and punk vest. Got a tent shoes And first hundred dollar bill flying in my punk shit
  23. Katbearfoot

    Walking shoe recommendations?

    It’s time for me to get new shoes. What’s the best pair of shoes you ever had? I’m looking for a good quality pair that I can walk hundreds, maybe thousands?, of miles in. idk.. I walk a lot. They gotta be waterproof and good in hot and cold weather (but I try to avoid the super cold...
  24. starfarer

    thinking of getting this yakka men's jacket. thoughts?
  25. D

    Breaking in boots

    Bought a pair of Altama px 10.5 jungle boots. Probly seems stupid, considering I live in the desert. I got them because I don't plan on being here forever, wanna spend more time in the shit ::wacky:: plus I fukn hate having wet sweaty feet. All I've managed to use them for is work. Anyway, the...
  26. watson

    Carrhart bibs for smaller people?

    Im a guy with a 30 waist and i want a pair of 32 waist bibs but stores dont carry them my size and i want to try them on before i buy for fear of buying wrong size. What stores do you recommend?
  27. D

    Work shoes or boots?

    Will normal toe waterproof work boots or shoes work just as well for hiking? I can get a pair easily, if that's the case? What are the pros and cons of traveling with work boots/ shoes?
  28. Dagonshucks


    I was reading this old post by this ftra character and he said "a dirty skank wont protect you from train tunnel gasing." If a "dirty skank" wont protect you from train tunnels then what have kids been using...?
  29. Trooper

    Roadside Clothes

    Well my day started with my loosing my favorite (only) beanie, already a rough start:eek:, but on my way walking home I looked in a ditch and saw a dirty black beanie just laying there. One good wash later and I have a new beanie::woot::... I guess you loose some, you find some! What clothes...
  30. Berky

    Best jeans for travel

    So I've noticed that some of my jeans have held up better than others, even the ones that are made for "fashion" have done better than tractor supply. I was wondering what experiences you guys have with jeans, like which companies hold up the best, which ones should I avoid, etc.. I'm going to...
  31. AutisticSpider

    Molecule brand

    Cargo pants and cargo shorts are the shit. They are thick and very durable. They have a ton of large pockets and your main side pockets have a snap flap to keep your shit in your pockets. They are made in Thailand. They are a little pricey but worth it for sure, best cargo pants/shorts in the...
  32. Jerrell

    Dickies Brand Coat is POS

    Dickies has always been a brand I've turned to for work gear. I bought a black Dickies coat at K-Mart last month during the whole "buy cheap before xmas" thing was going on. I've been wearing hoodies (or doubled up hoodies when its real cold) for years and figured I might should get a coat...
  33. starfarer

    grey man/anonimity

    ive been homefree for years and years, I TRY to look as anonymous and "straight" as possible to avoid the cops. my summer uniform is bone moleskins and a collared shirt and a blue corduroy blazer with whatever footwear I have at the time. ive found it easier when people think yoru "normal". my...
  34. Odin

    Cheap clothes or err?

    Anyone know of cheap or free clothes near Chicago O'Hare area... I know some thrift stores n stuff but I'd like yo bike somewhere so group sourcing ideas... Coveralls would be nice but my pants stink... New cargo or denim required... ::alien::
  35. jimi

    Photos show us yer fashion

    Show us what you're wearing! I know there's threads for certain kinds of clothes already, but I wanna see it all put together on your filthy bodies. I know a bunch of you must have some great fashionable outfits you'd like to show off! It could be what you're wearing today, a favorite outfit...
  36. A

    Dressing "Slutty" Will Not Get You Raped

    I am here today to rant and dispel this stupid movement going around called clothing does not equal consent. Its just some bullshit for women to rationalize dressing however they want without consequences (the non rapey kind). Grow up and take responsibility for your choices. People are going to...
  37. A

    Featured How to Dress for Warmth in Extreme Cold

    There are two traditional modes of thought when it comes to staying warm. There are divided into the synthetic camp and the natural fibers camp. But I have pieced together a system (I had advice from others) that combines both and uses them to their strengths. I will also go over some of the...
  38. adventurekid


    I'm a pretty cold person, and so I was thinking about getting myself a pair of bibs. Especially with winter approaching here where I live now...but also i was thinking ahead for the future. Any of you that have travelled with bibs before, is it worth the extra weight in the pack? Do they keep...
  39. Ticklebiscuits

    Photos Which shoes?

    The timberlands are basically new. The brown shoes are super comfortable but very worn. I wear these to work right now. The Tevas are new and comfortable, but when my feet sweat they tend to slide around in the shoe. The Nikes are in good shape and very comfortable. Not sure which one or what...
  40. BenAxeMan

    Rothco boots

    Hey everyone, so I passed up buying a rothco pack in favor of buying an actual gi one but I already have some rothco jungle boots. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on how they would hold up for vagabonding. Has anyone used them? Were they okay? Should I look for something actaully gi...
  41. A

    Crusty by Choice or Consequence

    "All things that come from the earth must return to the Earth" I was talking to a homebum acquaintance of mine. He'd just gotten out of jail again, (his only crime was being homeless) and was tired of Police harassment. He's literally been out there so long that all his clothing has formed...
  42. A

    Urban Camouflage

    So in my travels around this city. I have finally found the best combination of clothes to keep from being hassled and blend in which is important. 1 nice long sleeved dress shirt 1 fluorescent green shirt 1 disgustingly stained but clean oversized tee shirt. 1 pair of brown or black khakis 1...
  43. crow

    Photos show us yer patch pants

    For lack of a better term, I call them patch pants. This is my fourth pair so they're not all broke in yet. They have a tendency to "disappear" Be that as it may, I love to see how other people attach the world to themselves! So show me gets n I'll show you mine :p Notice I've stitched in a...
  44. AaronOnTheRoad

    Washing clothing

    Where do you guys and gals wash your clothing at while one the road? If you don't have money for lanundry mat?
  45. ntdxc1878

    Easy, efficient way to pack clothes- the Ranger Roll

    I came upon this through reddit, and it's an easy way to conserve space in your pack by rolling your clothes into a compact roll, similar to the hobo roll I guess. For a t-shirt: For jeans: For socks: For a day's worth of clothing: Hoodie: I thought this was a good method...
  46. A

    Good Place to Find or Commandeer Shoes

    My friends, I am having a die hard moment. My shoes are going to disintegrate at any moment. The thrift stores here are like Al Bundy, they only sell women's shoes. I really don't want to but its looking like I'm going to have to do a switcharoo from Walmart and pray I don't get nabbed. Does...
  47. A

    News & Blogs Homeless Fashion is En Vogue 2017

    HOMELESS INSPIRED FASHION COLLECTION SPARKS DEBATE AT MEN'S FASHION WEEK Looks from the N. Hoolywood Collection Randy Brooke/WireImage (3) 3:50 PM PST 2/1/2017 by Sam Reed N. Hoolywood designer Daisuke Obana had the fashion world buzzing on Wednesday. Daisuke Obana, designer of Japanese...
  48. BadBoBo

    A jacket/backback

    First off full disclaimer. My days of sleeping in the back of cars, in a tent or in old condemned house are far behind me. Fibromyalgia is a pain in my ass. That being said I hope someone can learn from my experiences. Yes this is a affiliate link. Like I said full disclosure This jacket has...
  49. A

    Summer Fashion Tips for Discerning Travelers

    Summer is upon us and that means its time to ditch those ugly nylon rain ponchos and get ourselves into something more fashionable. First of all black snot rags hung around the neck are so cliche. Let's show the opinionated townies of the world that we have class. Let's swap those rags out...
  50. Shwhiskey Gumimaci

    Screw Wearing Pants to Get Them Dirty. Just Buy Them Dirty!

    Now introducing the next innovation in hobo fashion. Pre-dirted pants! This is a must have in all travelers gear, because who wants to actually get their own pants dirty these days? We already have pre-patched and pre-ripped clothing available. What will be next? The world is waiting to know...