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    Traveling pants (might need some sewing soon)
  2. A

    Dressing "Slutty" Will Not Get You Raped

    I am here today to rant and dispel this stupid movement going around called clothing does not equal consent. Its just some bullshit for women to rationalize dressing however they want without consequences (the non rapey kind). Grow up and take responsibility for your choices. People are going to...
  3. adventurekid


    I'm a pretty cold person, and so I was thinking about getting myself a pair of bibs. Especially with winter approaching here where I live now...but also i was thinking ahead for the future. Any of you that have travelled with bibs before, is it worth the extra weight in the pack? Do they keep...
  4. Matt Derrick

    ladies, what clothes are in your pack?

    this thread goes out to all the ladies out there! i'm writing section of the StP book about what kinds of clothes to take on your travels, and while i have the guy stuff easily covered, i'd like to include a few tips for the ladies who will be reading the book. so what i'm wondering is, what are...

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