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I'm thinking of getting a poncho, but I don't really know where or how?

I once saw this beautiful poncho with Pan-African colors back when I was in Salida, CO in this shop, but I was broke as hell that time and headed back to hot and humid Tennessee, and passed up on it. It sucks because I've always wanted one.

Now I'm wondering, are ponchos viable, and how would I use one? Are they more just for fashion? Can they replace a hoodie or even a coat? What climates are they good for? Where can I buy one?

And it's not like it's something I want to just, buy off of Amazon, no way. Ponchos aren't just some, mass-produced general purpose thing like hoodies, they're more cultural than that. If I get one, I want it to be something someone hand-made at some point out of their own desire, not quickly spun together by some sweatshop worker or factory machine.

But it's kind of hard to find ponchos. Every time I look for them, they're really frilly and look to be mostly meant for women to wear, or they're really short.

I'm not a fan of saying what's okay for men to wear and for women to wear, and I'll happily wear something for fashion alone. Hell, I kind of want it mostly for fashion, but...I kind of want to go for something more practical, first.

Damn does anyone know anything about ponchos?
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May 30, 2018
Washington, DC
I know it's probably not what you meant, but this poncho is cool. It's got MOLLE fitting and grommets to turn it into a tent. I have something similar though mine doesn't have all the tactical components... but it's large enough I can wear it over my pack.


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Well it's pretty ugly, but it's also kind of cool how tactical it is. Those military guys make it look cool.

But for $139...I think I'll pass for now. Thanks for showing it to me, though.


Jan 21, 2017
Naples, Fl
Looks like they're usually made if wool. They appear to be very practical and versatile. Basically, a wool hoodie/blanket. Wool retains 70% of it's warm when soaking wet. Also wool doesn't absorb odors so you wouldn't have to wash it too often especially if you get one with natural colors like brownish. Not sure you'll be around campfires but wool is fire retardant so it makes for a great campfire sleeping blanket on cold nights. The downside to wool is that it can be itchy as well as heavy and expensive. Theyll be most useful in a cooler or wet climate but probably would be useful as a nighttime blanket anywhere as long as it's not to hot outside. They do seem like a cool item to have as in fashionable. I found them on Etsy and eBay like this one: Llama Wool Mens Unisex South American Hooded Poncho Cape Coat Jacket Khaki Brown | eBay -
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Oct 24, 2015
Exeter, United Kingdom
years ago I made my own poncho from a thick woollen blanket that had a nice pattern on it - I literally just cut a generous size circle in the centre, then sewed around the hole to stop it from fraying.... I used to wear it to keep me warm overnight at free festivals and parties - I could fall asleep almost anywhere and be comfortable... so yeah, maybe you could make one in a similar way, then it would be a more personal thing and not bought from a chain store...

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Yeah I think that's what I'm going to do.


Feb 29, 2016
Omaha , Nebraska
Few years back in Missoula Montana I made it through the end of a winter into early spring with a military poncho draped over a log so it covered my upper body and pack from the snow as I slept and it gave me enough room to sit up .
(Had a bivy for my sleeping bag and covered over that with an oil skin duster.
A military poncho is definitely handy and can be a life saver .
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