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  • Back in the states, where madness reigns supreme

    But I'm alright here in Wichita, KS

    Found some beautiful nature spots

    kickin' it with my parents

    Hit me up if you roll through

    Hope you all are well and I hope things start changing for the better
    Still broke as a joke in Morocco, but got a job as a director of a school, so hopefully that real adult money will start rollin in soon. There's a rainbow gathering in the desert at the end of next month. I want to go, but I need to start working and this school opens next month.

    Found a good home for the beautiful cat and the boyfriend was not so nice, so it's another fresh start for me.

    Out here tryin to keep it real

    Best of luck and happy travels
    director? is this sort of like a principal?
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    sounds awesome! sorry if i've bugged you about this already, but sounds like you have some really interesting travels going on, maybe you could write about some of them for our travel stories section?
    Yeah, director is like a principal for adults? Like the person who runs the school.. but that job was wack, didn't actually end up opening the school.

    Thanks for your interest, Matt. I guess I'm just not too interested in writing atm.. thought about starting a blog or something, but I must not be into it. Morocco is dope tho. And couscous... mmmm.. damn, I'm hungry for couscous now
    Living and working in Morocco. 🌴 Trying to save money to pay a debt to a friend, but right now money is tight. It's all good though, I'm happy here. It's my favorite country and I've found a beautiful cat and a very nice boyfriend. Looks like I'll be here for a while. Happy adventures everyone! Hit me up if you come to Morocco
    Matt Derrick
    Matt Derrick
    damn that sounds crazy, you should post a story about it... maybe with some pics? :D
    it makes me happy to know you're navigating well o'er there, i'd like to know the cities on the coast and the Atlas Mountains myself. It'd be an amazing asset if you wanted to share about your times there!
    kif in the rif... and educational documentary I viewed on Morocco is about what I know. haha... well nice that your there... if you decide to share stories/pics it would be lovely!. peace.
    Portugal fucking rocks, staying at this chill work exchange/ community living place. I dig it so hard. They have mega pizza parties every Friday, so looking forward to seeing that. Should be about 500 people here (that’s how this place makes it’s money). Love it. http://wp.fridayhappiness.org/
    Heading out to Sturgis SD beginning of October, then down to Kansas City around October 10th, then flying to Portugal the 15th, then elsewhere and elsewhere and elsewhere

    Hit me up
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