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  • sometimes, loneliness is a sad companion
    It can be, but it can also be a great time to really find ones true path in life...
    Remember - there's a difference between being alone and being lonely.
    You can be lonely with a mate that's not working out, or the wrong crowd... on the other hand, you can be alone and have the whole world in front of you.
    Be well !!
    leptospirosis--- possum piss in the water! feel awful! this is what killed lincons mum!! be careful of yoru water playmates!!!
    cold wet and managed to dodge NINE count em NINE kangaroos in twelve k ! listening to rodriguez "sugarman" thinking about aqualung
    just discovered wooldenim jeans! where have you been all my life ?!?!?!?
    I have faux fur leggings. I never heard of these before!
    they are so damned good!!!!
    the fires have reached about twenty k from me, the cops say that the one road south is closed so I am cut off from the bottom half of the state. im so glad that our prime minister is in new York praying for us (SARCASM)
    an hour and a half on the fone waiting for centerlink and then................their computers go DOWN!!! cant get the fucking vespa rego'd because they dont believe im on the psnsion because teh computer says im working ?!?!?!?!?!?
    Lol centerlink is lame bro
    get this i CANT get to centerlink cause half the state is isolated cause all the roads are closed cause of teh fires! cunty twatty shitty fuck fuck of a mood!
    the rest of australia is on fire, and it was two degrees this morning at my place in the outer suburbs of antartica
    man oh man!Where are you summer? freezing my arse off here! and BMW australia STILL hasnt sent bits for the vespa! stuck in teh shipping container! oh well, as HRH Princess Diana said" no matter how dark it seems, theres always light at the end of teh tunnel"
    No stay away summer... your to fuckin hot
    Not to cold for a conspiracy... Call David Ike!
    As I was leaving I remembered
    The handful of dirt I picked up
    The cold ground you slept on
    And when I got to where I was going
    The place I came from
    I needed a knife to clean my fingernails.
    If you ever come to Tasmania bear in mind that Google maps and other WhizzBang technology doesn't work everywhere here!!!
    Just then walking through the stupor market carpark when I saw this 13/14 year old kid saying to his mates ( while making the gestures)" you get the smack in this arm and the ice in this arm it's filth"!!!!!!
    48 hours from HELL, lost thirteen hundred dollars, thats a fuckload on a pension! lost two ducks to the heat, the key for teh vespa is goign to cost an unbelievable amount says the cheerful vespa mechanic,and i need two new tyres, a new belt and rollersaswell! the generator died, wake up, the dogs cold and dead besides me and for the icing on the cake, lost my fucking bankcard and the bank tellers was a twat to me!!!ANYONE nearby bring booze and cigs and cheer!!!!FARRRKKKKKKK
    Actually sunny and warm! Tank of gas so I'm motorvating ! I'm on the last Vespa ride to nowhere ville and I'm not telling mum and dad when I'm coming home! You see im a loner, a rebel, call me wheels and I'll call you doll baby!
    nearly got arrested this morning for graffiti crime! I wrote"nice toilet, five stars will shit here again" and this fucking KID who looked like a fucking boy scout wanted to arrest me !?!?!?!?!?!? did I get that drunk I woke up in north korea this morning ?
    2800 k this past week or so on teh vespa!ODIN give me a medal !
    All I got is this herb.... they say it's good luck!
    Odin, summer in Tasmania..... opium season😉
    HAhaaa.... ha... don't be tryin ta wrangle me into some crazzzy shenanigans!

    Got enough trouble being a picnic table bum around here!

    et’s go

    Come on

    Let’s go

    Empty our pockets

    And disappear.

    Missing all our appointments

    And turning up unshaven

    Years later

    Old cigarette papers

    stuck to our pants

    leaves in our hair.

    Let us not

    worry about the payments


    Let them come

    and take it away

    whatever it was

    we were paying for.

    And us with it.

    Let us arise and go now

    to where dogs do it

    Over the Hill

    where they keep the earthquakes

    behind the city dumps

    lost among gasmains and garbage.

    Let us see the City
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