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Bought a pair of Altama px 10.5 jungle boots. Probly seems stupid, considering I live in the desert. I got them because I don't plan on being here forever, wanna spend more time in the shit ::wacky:: plus I fukn hate having wet sweaty feet. All I've managed to use them for is work. Anyway, the fukers ended up running maybe a half size too big, which I mostly read was not the case. It's a pain in the ass in general trying to order mens boots for womans feet. Didn't get a chance to break them in. So painful and now my big right toe is hamburger meat. Do I even have a chance making these fukers wearable? I read to walk in them wet, so I plan on just walking shallow parts of the river in them over the next couple days. Any other tips/ opinions on the possibility of breaking in these bad ass but uncomfortable as shit boots?::greedy::
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Jan 14, 2014
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Just take it easy while you do so and it'll be fine. Should only take a small number of miles.


May 30, 2018
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I looked these up and it seems like the bottom half of the boot is leather...

I find that Obenhaufs oil ( has softened up any new leather I've ever had... plus it's good for maintenance in the desert where the dirt will dry the leather out and make it crack. Put a good coating on, then drop them in a black trash bag and put it in the sun until it's nice and warm. The trash bag will keep them from drying out. Wipe them down, repeat if necessary.

I'm looking for some new boots, so let us know what you think of these.


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Oct 12, 2017
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Hubert's Shoe Grease is pine tar oil that I recommend. Not only does it seal, protect & soften; it's great for making leather pliable.


Aug 27, 2017
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I know moleskin for the ankle rubbing, but for the toe thing I dunno it may work for that too. I always wore Navy dive socks when breaking in new boots and never had the toe issue even when they were a half size too big.

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I deleted myself
I ended up soaking them and wearing them wet a few mornings. They're designed to dry fast, so it wasnt too gross. Seems to have worked well. They fit like a glove now. No complaints about these boots other than a couple scuffs on the toes that polish will easily fix. Surprisingly, they're holding up pretty well on desert and pavement. Haven't put them through a ton though, so time will tell. They also make a brown version that is designed for hotter climates. Pretty expensive fukers, but I found a deal. Just be careful buying cause their are a bunch of ripoffs for sale online that are made like shit. All in all, I dig em'. Thanks 4 the tips everybody!

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