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  • Ah back in Olympia
    Went there a few weeks ago and saw that the city blocked off every. Single. Place. To hang out as a person without $$ fucking bogus
    Busking in Galway before returning to the States. Can't wait for cheap ganja and big forests, got my rain gear ready!
    got drunk in Dublin, fell asleep on the sidewalk, someone kicked down 20 euros, although they did wake me up, but i guess being woke for 20 euros is tolerable :)
    London was fun, off to amsterdam
    I would check out Rotterdam as well, it's like Amsterdam but way cooler and less touristy!
    biking the country areas of Inishowen, camped in a parklet last night. Fun times in Ireland.
    back in Ireland. I only drink and smoke when travellin' man it felt good to get some beer and cigs in my system. Iceland was a trip.
    the seabag is packed, passport is renewed. The Gardai say "Sir, you cannot sleep, drum or drink here". :) I smile "but I'm a traveller"
    7 days till summer travellin' begins... ready to break out of this not-a-squat house
    options for leaving anywhere: a. my feet b. hitch hike c. oh, look a train depot d. steal a bike e. steal a skate board
    i'm starting to think crust punks are an endangered species being hunted down by an invisible gentrifying machine or ufos on free ways
    mowing yard with manual mower, guy asks if i want free power mower. "No, I don't" that takes gas (money) and pollutes. I guess I'm nuts.
    our road dawgs just reincarnated hunter gatherers that can't adjust? maybe only a handful of people are old souls so were outnumbered. ;-)
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