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Jun 3, 2017
Manchester New Hampshire
First off full disclaimer. My days of sleeping in the back of cars, in a tent or in old condemned house are far behind me. Fibromyalgia is a pain in my ass. That being said I hope someone can learn from my experiences. Yes this is a affiliate link. Like I said full disclosure

This jacket has saved my butt so many times. Yes it is heavy when you weigh it down as much as I have, But you do get used to it. SCOTTeVEST Revolution. This thing has pockets on top of pockets. And it has a HUGE inside pocket for a laptop or tablet. I NEVER used it for that. No padding it will get banged or dinged up with a cracked screen in no time.(yes I still wear one and yes I am still hard on things) And the added weight would be a killer.

What I did hypothetically use it for is when I went browsing at lets say walmart. And two blocks of cheese and a few packets of oreos happen to fall into that big pocket on the inside. A few lbs of beef were known to make it inside there as well when I had a campsite and a skillet. And a can of soda and or soup seemed to fit perfectly inside the drink holder in the right pocket.

It has a pocket for your sunglasses, a hook up for your ear buds so you are not as hard on them and if you pop them out of your ears they do not flop or get caught on things, The touch through pockets are awesome for changing that song or even answering the phone. If it's not in a big case. Like a otter box.

The sleeves come off so you can wear it as a vest if it's to hot. The hood folds up into the collar or if you want you can just take it off and put it in your pocket. Or you can put it over your face while you sleep.

This thing is fairly rugged, I used mine for 10 years. even then just a zipper broke and I was starting to wear the black off. I crawled under cars,climbed trees, worked on construction sites, got it snagged and caught on all sort of things.

Now the cons. This thing ain't cheap. At $225 its one of the most expensive jackets I have ever worn.

Second the sleeves do detach they unzip. And you can store them in the pockets. THEY ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS to get back on. Or maybe I am just a idiot when it comes to such things.

Third. It says it's waterproof....Yeah it's not. More like water resistant. After a hour or so. It soaks through. And then you are soaked.

If you see one at the goodwill or such grab it....They are rare to find and even a used one has value. That being said I was unhappy with the new one I bought. So I called them and said it was having some aesthetic issues. They replaced it no questions. Did not even want the old one back. Pricey but worth it.

If this gets a few likes I will list all the things I used to carry in it in my travels.
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Jun 3, 2017
Manchester New Hampshire
What id really love is a sleeping bag tent backpack. 3 in one. Lets go.
I get that. My bedroll was the most bulky thing I carried on me, but the few that there are are HUGE and bulky as hell. Not something I want to be weaving in and out of trees in. I mean there is THIS. But unless you wanna make a stick shelter with it over a trench you need two people to make the pup tent. Or something like THIS. But it is not very durable and if you are seen wearing either one of these then you are going to get some serious love from the police.

These people are making one as well but they are meant to be disposable.


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