1. Apple Core

    Police/Forest Service Presence at Rainbow Gatherings?

    Hey! It's been a bit since I've posted on here. So I've heard about rainbow gatherings in the past, seen many people talk about them, and then heard a lot about them while spending some time at The Garden in TN. I've also just recently finished reading People Of The Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Japanese ‘Beg-Packers’ Spark Outrage in Thailand for Thinking They Can Travel Without Money

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    A pair of Asian travelers were spotted in the Thailand province of Sa Kaeo on Thursday after being inspired by Western “beg-packers.” Beg-packing is the practice of traveling Westerners in Southeast Asia without money, and then asking donations from strangers. Authorities in the rural part...
  3. germanbini

    New Jersey illegal van search caught on tape

    So this guy (unsure if a van dweller or just owns a van) is eating at a restaurant in New Jersey, when he notices someone rummaging around inside of the hatch of his van. Turns out it was a plainclothes policeman who was searching the vehicle without a warrant! :mad: Here is a link to the...
  4. Katthizzsohyphy

    New Years Drill for the MPs

    My partner and I went crazy at the same time. Normally, one of us stays semi sane and anchors the other down to earth.. .but this one time... I lost my dream job 3 days in (after quitting a stable shit job), and he had the familiar itch to run. So we did. It was the end of December, 2014 and...