Heavily Armed Police Doing Battle with Unarmed Standing Rock Native Americans, DAPL (1 Viewer)



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"The activist news outlet Unicorn Riot has been filming events throughout the months-long standoff between the company trying to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the water protectors working to resist it.

This video, taken directly from the front lines of the October 27 police crackdown on the camp established in the pipeline’s path on treaty-protected indigenous land, contains disturbing images. Police douse protectors with mace as if squirting water from a hose, shoot them with tasers and throw them to the ground, all in the name of building a pipeline. Those against the project say they are there solely to protect the water."
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Jul 29, 2016
Eminent domain is rearing its ugly head again. This is the same law they used in several states to clear poor people off land in order to build shopping malls , stadiums , etc.

There isn't a clear definition of eminent domain. They don't have to define any needs for the land. It basically say if we want the land we can remove you from it and we'll pay you its value. It's about as dictatorial as you can get.

The core of the problem starts at the top of the government chain. This won't stop until the corruption is cleaned up in our political system.

Some good ol' fashioned anarchy could go a long away here.

Kim Chee

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I understand that Standing Rock Natives (and others) intend on continuing to protect the water throughout the winter despite how harsh it can be there.

Also...I read that a crowdfunding project was started with a goal of $5,000 and a whopping $1,000,000 was raised!

Surely, the money will be spent on shelters, food, heaters, generators and the like to help you endure should you decide to go.

I encourage anybody who is on the fence about supporting to get out there and participate.

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