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Sep 23, 2009
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Current Location:
which one?
good question.


Completely Addicted, Male,

Santa Cruz, NM, United States
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Lifetime Supporter

not a whole lot more than what happenes up in the freakin' rocks... Feb 20, 2018

    1. creature
      not a whole lot more than what happenes up in the freakin' rocks...
      1. Nailz likes this.
    2. DrewSTNY
      Mmm. Sailing away on a Westerly with a following sea...what could go wrong??
    3. creature
      yer in petaluma, still??
    4. anyiki
      creeeeeeeeach, how's the boat search? I may have a very interesting proposition for your vessel but I don't have all the deets yet. love ya !
    5. creature
      fool me once, shame on you, fool me 312 times & i must need fucking brain surgery..
      1. Geraldo
        Sounds like my life
        Sep 30, 2017
        AAAutin likes this.
      2. angerisagift
        Nailed It
        Oct 26, 2017
    6. anyiki
    7. anyiki
      Creature! tis Anya up here in the crows nest, wouter gave me their old thinkpad and i've been wiggling the digital pen around in its tablet feature, thought i'd share one i drew thinking of you ! how's it goin out there ? any update on charlie ? much love and bright hopes !

      1. Nailz and Gaucho Deluxe like this.
    8. creature
      Blowout!! i knew the tires were getting ready to shit....
      1. Gaucho Deluxe
        Gaucho Deluxe
        Be safe out there man record heat this summer I hear
        Jul 16, 2017
    9. creature
      ON THE ROAD!!
      1. AAAutin and Dmac like this.
    10. Cptnchuck
      Wassup im planning on leaving sometime next week for charleston then Norfolk then cape COD area 305-304-4635
    11. Cptnchuck
      Wassup im planning on leaving sometime next week for charleston then Norfolk then cape COD area
    12. dumpsternavel
      Just wantin' to shout out to yeuh, Creature. One of the most kind hearted, and thoughtful people I've had the opportunity of meeting. There's nothin' like a nice hot vegan meal cooked with love and, sake by the baddest of asses.
      Glad you met up with us again in Jerome, comrade! Always a treat*
    13. AAAutin
      Dropping a line from your favorite place: Los Angeles (har, har). Just wanted to thank you again for the grub and the gear. Hope you're still livin' it up in The Slabs. If there's any justice in the world, you'll get that boat...not to mention a new bike.
    14. Kim Chee
      Kim Chee
      Thanks for stopping by! Pretty cool to finally meet you. Have a safe trip up the coast.
    15. zim
      Wow you've been gone for a while. I hope you're okay buddy.
    16. dannidirt
      hey brother hope your ok
    17. creature
      OK... need to gather up the fragments & start ranting again.. sorry i've been off the air, & thanks for asking..
    18. creature
      OK... need to gather up the fragments & start ranting again..
    19. Venatus
      hey man its been ages, hope your doing well
      1. Rob Nothing
        Rob Nothing
        me too, dude. where the fuck has creature been
        Apr 25, 2016
    20. Cgisclair1986cajun
      Hey man I was wondering where are you located at these days and any advice on traveling I'm pretty lucky lately on getting by but stuck in FL now and trying to get out.
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  • About

    Current Location:
    which one?
    good question.
    Political leanings:
    Favorite curse word:
    Love.. as in goddamn fuck love whore bitch hell!!
    Ok.. a few details, first..

    # 1... i am a somewhat older motherfucker.
    # 2.. i am almost deaf..
    if having to talk loud pisses you off, or gives you any fucking problems at all about what should otherwise be a great fucking trip

    just need to be clear on that..

    #3... if the fact that the van doesn't have wall windows is a problem, or that i don't have AC **OR** heat is a problem, and if you can't make suggestions to me by letting me know what the fuck is going through your head, STAY THE FUCK AWAY...

    #4... if you can't make up your mind about whether you are actually going or not, please, please, please STAY THE FUCK AWAY..

    &, particularly, #5.. which is even more important than everything else..
    if you just like blowing shit up because you like booting up non-existent drama & shitting on other people because when you do it, it makes you feel good, not *only* STAY THE FUCK AWAY, ****but take a fucking swim in the fucking atlantic ocean for a day or two, heading east, ok?***

    Also... READ **THE REST OF MY FUCKING PROFILE** before you say you want to travel with me..

    dig this:
    i have no fucking respect for people who can't at least keep their dogs clean..
    fucking dogs can't make a fucking choice, & if you can't keep them fucking reasonably flea free (a fucking $2 collar) & fucking brushed (a 3 fucking dollar item.. maybe fucking 5) then not only should you not *have* a fucking dog, you should *not* be asking people to depend upon you for anything fucking important...

    now.. that being said.. (& yes, i've just now blown up & been a prick *ahead* of time, just to save us all the trouble of me blowing up & being a complete asshole fucking prick *after* you have done your sincerest, oogly best to fuck me over or ride in my van, when i only ask for a couple fucking simple courtesies, & then blame me for shit, because i am not a goddamned luxury liner)

    i enjoy my indulgences, but no fucking felony materials in the vehicle..
    no fucking hardcore alcoholics who have major personality changes, &/or who will hit up strangers for their fucking habit..
    you know who you fucking are, & that's why you haven't heard from me..

    people who ride with me eat.
    their fucking dogs eat.
    we all know the difference between drunk/drug-fucked assholes & people who fight to be free, so please, ***dainty people & bed-turds*** need not apply.

    reasonable alcoholics are encouraged.
    Blackout drunks & violent shitheads WILL BE FUCKING ABANDONED.

    radical anarchists will be fed.
    radical activists will be fed, sheltered, possibly boozed, and have their propaganda needs covered by my personal mobile print-shop.
    (note: the mobile print shop is no more, but may be resurrected)


    travelers are welcome, as long as they don't ooze, are reasonably clean..

    animals will be fed., & dogs must be kept clean, including brushed, because i can't stand fucking animal hair in my vehicle or goddamned fleas.

    i have been known to **cook** for my riders goddamned dogs, so even if i sound shitty about it, it's not because i don't like them..

    shitty, violent animals are not welcome, but protective ones are understood, so long as they eventually calm down & don't try to chew my hand off every time i turn the fucking key..

    tweakers, etc. need not apply.

    & for the true hard core assholes that know what this is all about?
    whatever i have is yours.

    & yes, i *DO* look like the asshole slamming the nail up his fucking nose..

    so, other than that?

    i will go fuck myself, now, so that you don't have to tell me to..




    read my fucking profile.
    & when the **real** revolution comes, what the fuck will you **really** do??
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