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Gone Walkabout
Mar 5, 2017
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Jinibara Country (Qld, Australia)
While I'm yet to find any others on here from or travelling thorough Brisbane, Australia I thought I'd share this regardless (just in case!).

This Friday (14/04) is a public holiday, so me and my mate Chris (from rad folk punk act Hang) think that calls for acoustic crusty park jams!

Come down to the Toombul Skate Park (well, the park near there) and make some..uhh...beautiful music with us.

Bring acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, drums, beers, food, a footy, cameras, pets, skateboards or whatever else you can find.

Expect some good ol' fashion sing-a-longs of Johnny Hobo, Against Me!, Leftover Crack tracks and whatever else we feel like yelling about.

Near an ungated train station (if you catch my drift) or hit me up for a lift if you're on the Northside.

We wanna try get these going as a regular thing, meant to ages ago after a great jam in the city but life got in the way.

Just chill hangs, good tunes and fun times.

All welcome, just don't be a fuckhead.

Any questions / more info here

We're hoping to make these meet-ups fairly regular and hope to have some of it filmed (if I can find a cheap old handy-cam).


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