Hitchhiking/Crust Hobo Scene in Australia? (1 Viewer)

Ari Biffin

Nov 10, 2015
I've noticed that compared to other parts of the world this scene seems dead in Australia, I'd definitely want to get to know some Australians, especially South Australians who are/would be interested in hitchhiking or train hopping?
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Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Ha - just had a thread come in stating two aussies traveling up the west coast of the US shortly. I just did a search on our Introduction forum (you might want to enter an intro there too :)) and I'm seeing, within this past year as well as recently, about 5 or 6 Intros from new members from Australia. I'll drop the link to that here as well. Welcome to STP - hope you meet up with someone there!



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Yo! The Mighty South Aussies represent. I'm from Adelaide but been in north merika 2 years now, came here to do the things you cant in Australia.

Australia doesn't have the same scene of kids pissed at the social system and turning to the streets cos it's not as fucked up in Australia as over here. Hell, that's a good thing. Having said that there's still a lot of punks, travelers, adventures and DIYers in Adelaide and nationwide. You'll find them if you seek them. PM me if you've really looked and still at an odds

From all accounts hitching is very possible in Oz - maybe more so on the eastern seaboard. Riding freight is much tougher, dangerous and illegal back home than it is in the US. Also not impossible, I personally just never got around to it. Do a stp search and you'll find the right people to ask about specifics. I look forward to riding Brisbane to Melbourne if I make it back home, but I can wait - I'm having too much fun on US trains!
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Aug 8, 2015
hitching in australia is super easy. ive never waited more than a couple hours. whereas in north america ive waited days.
trains comparatively to north america are harder, less trains, less rideables, less routes, generally less cover in and around yards. its still doable just less cruisy/more waiting......
ive travelled nearly 6 months in aus now and to be honest i havent seen any travellers/punks while on the road hitching or around trains. only a bit here and there in cities busking or panhandling. you see heaps of european backpackers rubber tramping around however.

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