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Mar 5, 2017
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Hey lovely people,

I'm Benji.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - moved up north to Brisbane when I was a teenager.

I love travelling more than most things in life, I've seen a lot of Oz and a fair bit of the world (USA, UK, Thailand, Tanzania, Malaysia, Netherlands...wherever there's a cheap flight and a couch to crash on)...I work whatever jobs I can to fund this, but am looking moving overseas (probably Canada, maybe England) and making a long desired life on the road. I need to see more of the world than the island I was born on.

Also a lover of music (ain't we all?), I dig everything from Choking Victim to the Melvins to Howlin' Wolf to the Coup. I've played in a few bands here in Brissy, mainly grunge/punk stuff and with a healthy dose of thrash.

I explore the area around my current home base as much as I can...it's lead to some awesome little adventures. Overnighters in the bush, encounters with angry snakes, befriending wallabies, stumbling upon abandon farm houses.

Anyways, I'll quit rambling on!

I'm on here looking for new mates, van/RV living tips and any help I can to make this life on the road happen.

Always up for a chat about anything.

Have a picture of me and my dingo friend on some bush adventures up in the D'Aguilar Range.

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Ride bikes: drink brews: love the life you have: could be worse always!
53 year old professional guy taking early semi retirement. Not drinker / smoker - normal, sane guy looking to explore and travel in unconventional way. Looking to travel across country and tag along with a trucker. Willing to contribute / pay for transportation. Have never done this, but looking to give it a shot. Based in the Connecticut / Metro NYC area and would like to travel west toward Wyoming, Idaho, Montana.
Yesterday Joshua Tree, tomorrow Sequoia. Right now? BFE.
Everything is pointing east. Fuck yeah.
Wasabi Peas wrote on Punkindrublic95's profile.
you still lookin around in philly? get back to me if youre still trying to find a crash
How is one supposed to respond to an offer to go to Missouri?...Am I being unfair for having a massive amount of trepidation?...
Well good news didnt break my collar bone: just tore a muscle in my shldr...and by good news I mean I'll be back playing bike polo alot sooner than I thought. As always any kids passing thru Cincinnati lemme know. Buds brews and a floor to crash: be safe kids!
Just a month and a half of all this nonsense left.
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I posted this by mistake. So, let's just keep it our little secret, hmm? NO ONE HAS TO KNOW.
Chatty Kathy ain't got nuffin' on Chatty NOOGA.

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