1. P

    Tattoo/skank color meanings

    I know this is stupid but y'all know the common tattoos that many travelers have? (Arrow, squatters rights symbol, train tracks, etc.) ...are there specific meanings to all of these common symbols? Like are these trophies, badges of honor and stripes for accomplishing specific things as a...
  2. spike rodriguez

    Tattoo artist biking from Orlando to Savannah

    So I started riding from Miami to Orlando and I took sometime off but now I'm back on the road .... I packed all my tattoo stuff and I'm about to start riding my tall bike from Orlando to Savannah if anyone has a place to crash or if you have some hand me down bike parts or if you have any...
  3. scoutwilding

    Hey all! Older trans forest elf here :D

    Hullo folx! I was on the board here a while back & decided really its where I belong. The rest of 'social media' makes me crazy. I'm an older (47), poly trans queer Anarchist forest elf who grew up in the mountains of NY state homesteading before it was cool haha. I started traveling in 1990 &...